• e jugend – history works – cosmic winnetou

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    this album has been on a hold literally for ages and for diverse reasons. “history works” earmarks the final installment in e jugend’s work trilogy that led to previously released albums “formate heaven syntax hell” (saucerlike recordings, 2001) and “last exit wedding” (taping desk o-phon mania, 2007). as stubborn as ever yet presenting a kaleidoscopic take on aesthetics and texture, “history works” depicts no. 5’s and no. 9’s somnambulistic ability to forge equally dense and minimalistic tapestries of sound. again, the approach seems driven by intuition as much as by the endless search for the most interesting sound, resulting in a different cornucopia of righteous melodies. over the years the first-take approach along with the improv-method lead e jugend into the true heart of compositional darkness, fitting perfectly to the specific setting of these recordings.
    original and witty kraut excursions done by sophisticated masters of this genre.

  • an elm – fly pan elm – cosmic winnetou

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    “fly pan elm” is a reaction to the positive feedback on it’s predecessor, “a nightmare, an elm street”, which was originally planned to be a one-off. yet “fly pan elm” picks a retro-charme inflated picture, and colours it with it’s own paint of synthesizer melodies. memories of the peak of trans atlantic flights are nestled in sounds of subtle irony. put your seat back in a horizontal position.

  • strom noir – the white colour of the clouds – cosmic winnetou

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    very first intention was to come up with the tape release consisting of tracks made by using solely guitar resonances. so few tracks are based, almost purely, on the sound fragments which were recorded in a way that i started to record couple of seconds, even minutes, after the last tone was played. on the other hand, there are “more regular” tracks which are based on a simple melody, repeated during the entire track. i have always had some kind of fondness for such tracks, there is some kind of thrill which puts listener into an expectation of the change which, at the end, does not come. finally i’ve recorded tracks that represent some kind of conjunction of what one can hear on the album, abstract fragments as well as melodic parts. as the result, the white colour of the clouds represents probably the most conceptualized release I have ever made.
    masterfully crafted reverberating guitar drones that keeps no soul untouched. everybody needs some drone pillow from time to time, don’t you?

  • uton & Ø+yn,bird people & creation VI – monster collab – cosmic winnetou

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    they have reached the beginning, the first light, the oldest path that guided them into the land of solid geometry. following those steam walls and mineral screamings they configured the map of the new mental order.
    on this record Ø+yn & uton are:
    gustavo valerga, matías zanotto, pablo picco, atilio sanchez and jani hirvonent. recorded in córdoba, argentina and chantepie, france

    bird people is uli rois, creation VI is tim six.
    recorded in crimera, russia and vienna, austria.

    worldwide cooperation of drone wizards, consilidating their power to rattle your backbone and ewoke your primeval memories.

  • guenter schlienz – book of dreams – cosmic winnetou

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    “book of dreams” was inspired by notes about dreams i wrote down shortly after i woke up from my sleep. in those strange moments between phantasy and reality, when you can still remember the images and feelings of the dream before they are rubbed off by daytime thoughts and troubles. the compositions which can be heard on this album trying to recapture those images and feelings, mixed with a second thought, kind of a sober interpretation of the sometimes wild and furious adventures with somnia.
    modular synth stuff for inner explorations.

  • trikorder 23 – blumster – cosmic winnetou

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    niko the charming geek, alone with friends, locked in a space with trees and a table, which is covered for all. everything stops around you and it takes a while until you realize that it only runs much slower.
    he simply took this old, detuned guitar in the night and played.
    so, naturally the guitar fell in love with him and they became good friends.
    and whenever niko left the studio to visit his beautiful wife and his lovely daughter at the city,
    the guitar started to cry.
    the more you turn the record,
    the clearer are the little voices of the sad guitar in empty space.
    so, sit down! (cristof wlemang)
    charming and poetic tracks to bewitch you and your family.
    celebrate life and spin this record.

  • the baijkonour ghost – c64 – cosmic winnetou

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    the self titled debut of the late 1960ies outfit “the baijkonour ghost” surely was one of the great psychedelic albums of that decade. only few copies had been made, and unfortunately nothing is known of what had happened to the original reels, so this wonderful gem was lost to the audience. but more than 50 years later ralv milberg detected a tape of the recordings – the sound of which really was in bad conditions though – in a warehouse in a backyard of the south of stuttgart. immediately being electrified by this music, ralv played it to a number of friends. they all shared his entusiasm. one of them, historician by profession, did some research and soon it turned out that sons of the original musicians are still alive, living in sevastopole. along with the tape he had also found construction plans of the recording studios where “the baijkonour ghost” had once been recorded at, and as they mysteriously also had had the name milberg studios, he decided to rebuild the premises in order to re-record this great lost album. passionated as always he decided to do this with some descendants of the original musicians. so gage & floyd (navel) were invited to come over from sevastopole to record with ralv milberg & dirk burger (krautheim).
    mysterious kraut-drone for nostalgic space travellers. get a copy before this great album ist lost again.

  • mathias grassow – short stories – cosmic winnetou

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    releasing drone and ambient music since almost forty years, mathias has developed his very distinctive style. long lasting tracks which hum themselves into the listener’s subconsciousness, mesmerising angelic overtones mixed with haunting deep drones to forget present space and time. for the cosmic winnetou release, his first one on cassette since the late nineties, mathias encapsuled the essences of his musical magic into pieces with running time between two and fifteen minutes. surprisingly those short tracks makes you even more forget where and who you are and transform your inner selve into some kind of zen saint mode. how he does this? don’t know, but make sure to regard the advice of the master himself:
    “I’m sure you’ll find answers not in words, but in deep listening with your heart!”

  • dayin – letting go of people – cosmic winnetou

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    “letting go of people is an album about humans you wish you never met. their voices are echoing inside, answering words you wish you never had to say. these thirty minutes, sliced into seven pieces are a reminder of not only all wrong choices you have ever made, but also of those mistakes, which are yet to follow. dayin is harsh drone and regret, but mostly a relief.”
    heavenly drones to pacify your misanthropic feelings. these days everybody’s need.

  • demonstration synthesis – ds20 – cosmic winnetou

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    daniel james leznoff is not from this world. to release twenty albums in one year is some kind of extraterrestrial achievment. even more so because all of his albums reach an extra high level of quality. early 80s synth lines dancing like crazy with each other, unforgettable melodies over and over on each and every track, moody short pieces crafted with adorable inspiration. the cosmic winnetou release is of course not an exception, even more so it seems that with every release daniel is able to increase his ability to blow us away, out of this world, into his space.