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  • magic eye – shreddin on heavens floor – animal image search

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    ive been smitten by this edinburgh quartet since the first notes i heard of theirs several months ago, although it was bittersweet since at that time they only had two recorded two songs. needing to hear more, i was worried i’d have to book a flight to the uk to catch a show, but fortunately they were already in the studio and in no time at all had laid out a full album of total gems, which has been on constant repeat ever since. not sure what it is about urban scotland that leads one to create glistening interlocking guitar parts (a la glasgow’s tangles) but magic eye’s guitar players alex and bek are in total synchronicity, taking their melodies to new heavenly heights and letting each line swim through the track like nessie herself. the guitar parts brilliantly compliment roma’s bewitching warm-summer-night vocals reminiscent of julee cruise imploring you to “tell your heart that i’m the one…” while all the while francis holds things in orbit with his sparse, smart, direct beats that echo crisply and cooly throughout magic eye’s youthful sonic space. my favorite aspect of this tape is the way you can hear the love they have for each other and the fun and freedom they feel when playing the songs. hope you feel it too! equally honored to present inimitable j-card art by brooklyn’s rob chabebe of eye bodega.

  • ajilvsga ‎– the origin of the chaul – dial square tapes

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    Edition of 32 copies. (22 copies initially, with 10 more identical copies coming out 3 weeks afterwards.)
    Tapes come packaged inside a vinyl case.
    Catalogue number is incorrectly listed as DSQ044 on the back cover.

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    branch tapes 05
    A/B – same program
    limited to 5 copies
    all copies given away

    “walked uphill all night,
    legs striding far into the air in front of us.
    Had to stop occasionally and chase these interconnected masses of bugs;
    imagined aspen trees of the insect world.
    Finally found refuge in a decrepit boathouse on a long wooden pier
    you could feel the tide
    slowly tug on the pilings beneath,
    as the sea pulled itself out.
    Finally the sea came back in and we went home,
    backs bent to the wind behind us.”

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    branch tapes 04
    limited to 4 copies
    all copies given away

    Recorded in 2011
    mid90s electronica mix by a friend of a friend.
    this had been lost for years, buried in a box at the bottom of a box.
    found & redubbed

    This friend of a friend passed away shortly after this tape was handed to me.
    And the fact that now it has been twenty years haunts me
    twenty years of days and days taken for granted.
    a reminder to the live the width and not just the length.

  • sunny dunes – blue far – branch tapes

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    branch tapes 003
    limited to 38 copies

    Recorded in 2011
    Thanks to Joseph Ghosn.

    first release on tomentosa record’s new cassette sub label — branch tapes.

    This release percolated around tomentosa for a while and it’s taken a while to get even a sense of the shape of this recording. Many faceted, multiple angles & paths; a journey thru varied landscapes. The sample below is just an entry point into a tape that even after months of listening I have a really hard time pinning down & labeling. And that is a good, good thing.

    *available thru tomentosa records, sunny dunes & cabin floor records in greenville, sc.

  • hands rendered useless ‎– deathbed visions – city mortuary

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    Housed in an oversize white vinyl clamshell case with a glossy single-sided insert.

    “Composed, Recorded, Reworked, Decomposed from the Fall of 2005 through the Spring of 2009.”
    Performer [Hands Rendered Useless Is] – Ryan Woodhall

  • motion sickness of time travel ‎– ballades – hooker vision

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    was gonna hold on to this beautiful collection for myself but Im not sure when ill get the chance to fully absorb it and I know there are folks out there who will really revel in these so with much regret im letting this one go.

  • the amazing births (mark mcguire & julian gulyas) – younger moon – cylindrical habitat modules

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    Julian Gulyas – Synthesizers, Electronics
    Mark McGuire – Guitar, Tapes, Electronics
    Recorded January 2011 in Westlake, OH.