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  • kyle landstra – dream array – twin springs tapes

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    Enter into a lucid passage of dreams – presented here with improvised, temperate tones by synthesist Kyle Landstra (Chicago, IL).

    ‘Dream Array’ was initially conceived as a commissioned piece for artist Nathan Abels to accompany his show on june 13th, 2014 at Hinterland Gallery in Denver, Colorado entitled ‘West with the Night’.

    This piece was to match the mood and tone of Nathan’s work in a loosely spun journey through the breath of a dream. This cassette is the entirety of the track that is split between two sides which totals approximately 60 minutes.

  • gift tapes microcassette bundle

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    6 microcassettes by
    pulse emitter, harpoon pole vault, brother raven, hands on knobs, concessionaires & charlatan

  • lens – redreamed reality – tailings books

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    Solemn, private bedroom synthesis work; a series of cloaked vignettes.

  • delicate features – the passenger – not not fun

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    “…our music goes to ambient, and sometimes atmosphere, of disturbance and worry, sometimes meditation. But it doesn’t lie.” So sayeth singer/soothsayer of Saint-Petersburg haunted romance duo Delicate Features, Radmila Nikogosian. We’re of the mind to concur. Nikogosian and bandmate/beau Pavel Diakov-Astvatsaturian have been lurking in the off-grid steppes for roughly two years, scotch-taping microphones to fragile percussive objects and folk flutes amidst glowing grey electric swells of depressive sensuality. The Passenger blurs morose misty synth-jazz with windswept new age memory pop into a love-blind stalk along an ice-scarred river – an experience befitting “two misanthropic dreamers who just like to listen to beautiful music.” The original intention apparently skewed more in a dancewardly direction but their downcast northern locale gravitated the mood into displaced, pensive nocturnal rhythms, often ditching drum forms entirely, like in the keening, cracked classical drift of “Orphan Song” or “Whispering Wind.” The sequencing spills out a story of devotion and dissolve, tracking the whole heavy soul waveform – poetic faith (“Birds Near River”), Sunday morning (“Opal”), body rapture (“Kiss By The Sea”), escape/evolution (“Transparent Shadows”), etc. 10 twilit and tactile songs for staring through stained glass to. Mastered by Alex Nagle. Artwork by Britt Brown. Edition of 100.

  • filthy huns – leopard on my right – not not fun

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    Echo Park (by way of Minneapolis) motorcycle mechanist Nick Koenigs aka Filthy Huns follows his 2012 debut with a freshly iced 8-pack of stark tar-streaked roadburn meditations, Leopard On My Right. Echo-blurred metronomes rev from dive bar dub to aging engine chugs, laced with keyboard exhaust, stick-and-poke guitar designs, hungover highway vocals, and dust-choked American desolation. As before, Koenigs keeps the faded leather menace quotient high while bleaching the songs’ rock bone structures into pale, emaciated shapes (“Ancient Hell,” “Nomad Status”), occasionally dissolving into drained badlands atmospherics (“Into Oblivion,” “Stein Stugga”). Sleeveless, stained with axle grease, after midnight, a Viking in the basement with a 4-track, wind whipping through his mind. Have been loving these skeletal rider themes rendered live in various unkempt Los Angeles interiors across the last year, stoked to present them publicly. Mastered by Cole Gorman Weiland. Artwork and layout by Eric Carlson and Chris Hontos. Edition of 100.

  • robedoor – primal sphere – not not fun

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    How low does the tunnel go? More bone-waste stasis voids from the 2 AM slot of the soul, the PA blown to crust, the night down to resin, whoever was lingering in the back long gone or too gone to live. Industrial intentions slipping from burned to blank as the bloodstream clouds, drunk on poison. L.A. heathen duo’s 2013 LP reissued on limited chrome tape for forthcoming European tour. Riffs, mechanical drums, memory theater, ripped from the Sphere. Edition of 50.

  • regional curse – s/t – not not fun

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    Regional Curse is the scarred, spectral incarnation of Melbourne-by-way-of-Adelaide musician Stacey Wilson aka Rites Wild. Her instrumentation remains similar – cyclical keyboard figures, downward tracing synths, skeletal drum machinery – but the execution follows a more disembodied, ceremonial logic. Her latest collection of uneasy electronics murmurs and seethes like threatening shadows silhouetted through the blinds. Low-lit drones stalk their waveforms, unraveling into pulsing, blank dubs for unknown presences. Like all of Wilson’s work, the album’s five pieces move with an alluring narcolepsy, focused but foggy, drained but sentient, a spirit stranded in some serpentine purgatory of space and time. Recorded at Miracle Cure, Fairfield, Australia. Mastered by Lawrence English at 158. Red-tint tapes in collaged J-cards by the artist. Edition of 100.

  • luca lozano – isolation distorts – 100% silk

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    Berlin-based label impresario and shapeshifting selector Luca Lozano has sounded a lot of ways over his seven odd 12 inches (for his own Klasse Recordings, plus Optimo, Morris/Audio, etc), but Isolation Distorts spawns from the sensation of solitude warping reality, and the results may be his most skewed and striking to date. Wheezing sci-fi samples ebb into martian techno expanses; quiet organ melodies lilt under lunar acid; dead-end synth-pop burrows into creeped craters of dust. Lozano’s pacing emphasis patience, loops and melodies hung across long alien canyons, leaping from one tranced conspiracy passage to another. The collection pivots positive toward the end, planetary shadow receding to a jazzed breakbeat solar sunrise (“Lifting Forward”), which eventually turns bold moon acid boogie (“The Fox”). Overall, an oxygen-drunk six-pack of general utility space station house music by a man with a plan. Mastered by Josh “Alter Echo” Derry. Edition of 100.

  • lunate – far shores – 100% silk

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    Bogota believer Manuel Cortes conjures a specifically spare schematic of autobiographical street house. Jams emerge from stories and lived insights into lean rhythm assemblages bouncing through zones of bass, acid, ballroom, warrior funk, tripped-hop: Lunate. Like the narcotic medication his alias echoes, Far Shores shivers with a blurry pulse through wavering doses of nocturnal lament. “The Liminal,” “Cold City,” “Molt” – identities unravel in the numbing metropolis, chiming keys flashing like digital clocks in glass mansions. His vacancies are deep; “Pawn Shop Romance” sparkles on a cheap streetcorner runway groove but is about “people who make choices where they sell out true happiness for comfort and wealth.” Across 8 tracks Lunate leaves a loose-limbed trail of late nite truths and dancefloor introspections, molting into new percussion-and-sample symbioses. Recorded in Turkey, Colombia, and beyond across the last year, and mastered by Alter Echo. Edition of 100.