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  • michael rj saalman – lxus shaq – illuminated paths

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    long awaited, much anticipated

  • asian teacher factory – current vices​.​lack of current vices – illuminated paths

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    Handmade DIY cassette of “current vices.lack of current vices”;out of Asheville, NC

  • german army – socotra scripture – horror fiction tapes

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    Caustic ritual suffocation from the mysterious and prolific duo of German Army. Something unknowable, that refuses to remain unknown. Rejections of anonymity. A heaving vomiting awareness of all that has been ignored, purging innocence through sonic abuse. Twelve exhibits, twelve sets of eyes entranced by the flames.
    Forty five hand assembled copies, professionally dubbed on chrome tape. Inserts duplicated directly on individual pages of a 1962 copy of the novel The Wizard Of Linn, by A.E. Van Vogt.

  • mv & ee – alpha lyrae – child of microtones

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    cassette version of new mv & ee self released lp

  • germany army – pennantia – 905 tapes

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    C28, edition of 75 copies
    released 24 October 2014

    GeAr is
    Peter Kris and Norm Heston

    Recorded in Riverside with additional field recordings from Organ Pipe, Big Bend, Silver City, Terlingua, and Ajo

  • charles barabé – stigmates – 905 tapes

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    C50, edition of 75 copies

  • royallen – sample tape – self released

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    Hear the soothing side of found sound collage: Raga + New Age, Subliminal Messages + Nature Sounds.
    Simple compositions for the simple minded. Home Dubbed.
    edition of 17

  • tiger village – v – mount hausu

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    Step into Tiger Village’s laboratory bunker located somewhere near Cleveland and catch a glimpse of the scientist at work. Flanked on all sides by analog synths, MIDI controllers, tape decks, and drum machines, with patch cables splayed out from chassis to chassis like tangled octopi, Tim Thornton pieces together his intricate electronic compositions from the choir of squelching voices bursting from his mechanical arsenal. After jumpstarting his own cassette imprint called Suite 309 this year, Thornton treads deeper into the experimental underground with Tiger Village V, the first volume of his ambitious tape series to be released by an outside label. As one of the legion of tinkerers that define Ohio’s fertile experimental DIY culture, Thornton orbits the noise scene along a path overlapped with Hausu Mountain affiliates like Moth Cock, Witchbeam, and Jeremy Bible, co-defining an independent strain of tonal exploration and mind-warping disfiguration of form. While Thornton’s peers plunge headfirst into an abyss of static-soaked textures and improv abstraction, his own practice presents a nuanced approach to synth arrangement that proves, over the course of Tiger Village V’s forty-three overstuffed minutes, to be just as meticulous as it is mangled.

  • mondo lava – parrot head cartridge – hausu mountain

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    Rise up through the cloud line to the mountain crag where Mondo Lava lounge on their cushioned platforms gazing through hooded eyelids down at the world below. The mysterious Davis, CA-based duo of Lazarus “Lazy” B Jones and Carlos Fiancé first surfaced in the underground circuit on one side of a split with Eternal Tapestry in 2012. Despite still being fresh-faced college undergrads at the time, the Mondo boys’ unique strain of [tropicalia] {drone} (video game music)-infused freeform loop hypnosis perfectly complemented the extended jams of seasoned psych shredders E-Taps (whose ensemble included, at the time, Hausu Mountain affiliate Dewey Mahood a.k.a. Spectrum Control). After months of basement 4-track experimentation and significant spiritual research, Mondo Lava returns to society with their massive debut full-length, Parrot Head Cartridge – presented as a stream-of-consciousness tape-hiss manifesto somewhere between a home-dubbed mixtape for a loved one and a particularly illuminating hallucinogenic experience.