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  • lindsay dobbin – arrival – phinery tapes

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    Arrival consists of two long format sound pieces for deep listening: “Guided Memory / Residue” and “Arrival.” This past Winter I temporarily lost some of my hearing, and these pieces reflect my journey in and then out of that transformational experience. As my auditory reality became more and more limited, my dream world and inner connection to mystery became rich. It felt like I was witnessing a dark, star-filled sky, with the earth and physicality fading, floating, no bearings. In this state, I had dream upon dream where I was listening to the voices and songs of my ancestors. Their voices spoke to me, supported me and told me stories I didn’t remember forgetting. My experience with those patient, outside-of-time voices inspired these sound pieces that, with their subtle energy and vibration, dismantled and dissolved the hardness between this (out)side and the other (inside), and allowed me to return home. –
    Lindsay Dobbin

    Please note: Both sound pieces contain sub-low, bass frequencies. For best results play on a full-spectrum stereo system or through quality headphones

  • opaline – projector mapping – phinery tapes

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    “From within the dream the projector was the city. Everything is light and color. Every circuit is a monument. Every sound has its own identity. Here i walked the streets alone inside the forgotten world. There is no dawn, there is no day. Just the night and warmth of machines illuminating the airwaves. The lens reflects us into reality…”

    – Opaline

  • head dress – warren – phinery tapes

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    This album consists of four unique and very sophisticated sound pieces. All recorded in one single session back in 2011, then mixed and mastered for this stunning collection. The beauty and balance in these sounds is overwhelming. Minimal compositions full of depth and captivating brightness with something gloomier lurking just below those unsettling surfaces Head Dress creates. Warren has become quite the addiction for me, as I’m sure it will for you.

  • demonstration synthesis – ds 9 – carpi records

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    Produced, performed and recorded by Daniel James Leznoff.
    Artwork by Les Halles / Magnétophonique.
    Layout by Les Halles.

  • strange mountain – grunge babylon – carpi records

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    Written and recorded by Marcel Thee, June 2014.
    Mastered by the Cloaked Magician (via The Bronze Medal).
    Original illustrations and typography by Katherine Karnadi.
    Thank you Kath.

    Rock on, Anio. For Ingrid

  • hollow gem – nature – carpi records

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    Notice the constant shifting of the world around you. Seasons changing, people fading from your life, fluctuating emotional states, heartbreaks…

    Music by Hollow Gem / Mastered by Jonas Vece.
    Collages by Steven Ramsey / Layout by Les Halles.

  • if, bwana – live at the logos tetrahedon – sic sic tapes

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    All works composed/assembled by Al Margolis (If, Bwana), BMI

    Thanks to Tom Hamilton and Kristof Lauwers for technical assistance (and beyond) on 8 Notes…

    Recorded live at the Logis Tetrahedon, Gent, Belgium, October 30, 2013

  • strange mountain – faith mirrors – sic sic tapes

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    written and recorded my Marcel Thee

    Photography by Fandy Susanto & Daniel Voigt

    For Ingrid & Anio.
    Dedicated to the mighty TKW
    Thank you Daniel for believing.

  • the original flowering earth / kyle landstra – split – sic sic tapes

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    The Original Flowering Earth
    recorded July – December 2013 in Manitou Springs, Brooklyn and Chicago … with the windows open.

    Kyle Landstra:
    recorded in june of 2013 in an improvised and live setting utilizing a roland juno 106 and a korg ms2000 with pedals

  • lieven martens moana – os canais – sic sic tapes

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    This collage is the ambiance which existed during an hour long interview for a documentary on Wietske Van Gils and myself, by Patrick Danse. These are the invisible traces of our motions, and our ideas, in between the words.

    Performed by Patrick Danse, Wietske Van Gils, and Lieven Martens Moana
    Xochimilco, Mexico, march 2014

    The Bird Sings (Variations)

    The bird
    mimicks the wind

    The filter sings a fowl

    And there is an a, a b and a c
    all communed, in expectancy

    Inside this magnetic tape,
    der Vogel singt