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  • ethereal doom cosmonaut / bleak tails – mr. and ms. erotic america – split

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    our first release in a long time. dang. 18 minutes each from two east bay area kiddos. bleak tails is stephen, whose side is like watching 100 years pass in one day from inside of someone’s mouth. ethereal doom cosmonaut is sebastian, whose side is like the sweatdrops off the back of whatever holds up the sky. edition of 50.

  • greg davis – eyebright

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    one side of provocative modular synth & voice, high intensity electronics & a dreamy synth piece

  • comet bodies – human vapors

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    julian of cylindrical habitat and buddy adam miller who does isle of sodor cook up some darrrrk zones, somewhat of an industrial release from these two , while most kids there age are chugging beer thru a funnelor forming a neon crystal feather boa drocal band or a combo of both , these kids are harvesting raw sounds with all the right intentions, true stuff.

  • nature camp – sinth

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    a new duo out of cleveland, side a is a guitar heavy kraut romp with steady percussion and side b is a classic weirdo newcomer freak out ala early early spooky tan dream

  • justin meyers – the amplitude of neighbors

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    Minneapolis’ Justin Meyers has been producing extremely discrete musique concrete for the past few years. Through field recordings Meyers achieves a double sided voyeurism; his capturing of another’s space, and the listeners glimpse into his space. His care and precision demands attention with an unconscious magnetism; on Both Sides the recording of an outdoor summer’s evening is paired with subtle beating frequencies symbiotically shifting in and out of the other, producing a deeply compelling command over space. This same phenomena is explored on A Visitor: composed with simple sine waves, infinite variations of listening interaction are possible, imposing the piece directly within the space of the listener. In an edition of 125 copies with full color cardstock covers and labeled tapes.

  • cloaked light – plain curtain – arbor

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    These early four-track experiments from Peter Friel’s Cloaked Light project offers a look into focus. With the slowest subtlety changes grow, only perceptible through reflection. A new form of seeking to understand; a non-linear music, offering a space of contemplation to look forward and behind. On A Long Green Hall Friel shifts meaning and reorients the place of speech in a Lucierian experiment with self-help tapes. On But I’m Trying, subtle tonal expansions mirror the manipulation of speech on the previous track, though without the recognizable markers of language the result is more obscured. Each track offers insight to the others processes. Recorded in Summer 2009, these tracks are some of the earliest from the project, a precursory inquiry to the tapes on Ekhein and Monorail. Upcoming split 12” EP with Pale Blue Sky further explores the nature of tonal interactions and non-linear potentials of sound. In an edition of 125 copies with full color cardstock covers and labeled tapes.

  • the accidents – demo colors

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    Debut release from the mysterious?? Cleveland, Ohio unit, The Accidents. Not limiting themselves to any “genre”, “Demo Color” has genuine variety within it’s 11 tracks and manages to maintain a cohesive center. Lush synthesizer and drum machine arrangements, heartfelt acoustic guitar and cassette work. With central themes of disaster and loss, particularly in America in the last century, there is a strong emotional core to this release not often heard in synthesizer based music at this moment in time. Expressing something beyond the surface and incorporating an extremely human narrative somewhere it is often lacking