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  • human hands – palus nectaris

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    sci-fi synth/keyboard from cole miller (real life predator label). a mellow introduction descends
    into dark, rhythmic melodies further creeped out by obscure, delayed vocals. sustained keys
    juxtaposed against unsettling collages.

  • caged soprano – erowid high school

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    the coming of age story continues with teenage
    digital synthesizer. isolation comforted
    through researching the internet about drugs,
    desperately seeking experiences.

  • monsturo – 522

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    monsturo is david rothbaum, a los angeles musician that creates
    recordings that are extremely patient and rewarding with subtle detail.
    522 was recorded to cassette on a tascam 688 using a roland SH-3a
    synthesizer. said to be the final monsturo release, minimal static tones
    ascend together left to resonate. the spaceship is leaving, but hovered
    out on a high note.

  • tg gondard – avontuur

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    ‘Wayward Belgium electronics’ would require several volumes of a radical music encyclopedia to even loosely engage the topic, and part of that reason is the endless river of new names that keeps cascading up from the cobblestoned sewers. Thibault Gondard floated on to our music map early this summer with a self-released LP of overdriven keyboard muscle, echo-warped skrewed-down drum machines, lulling air raid sirens, stained glass synth tonal pools, and alien soul vocal manipulations, and Avontuur is his freshest (and best) batch of tracks, which also functions as a debut of sorts. The opening cut, “Avontuur,” is as hybridized and electrifying as any he’s crafted thus far, slicing through the speakers with a stuttering codeine cassette-ready beat peppered with reverb handclaps and minimal keyboard riffs jacked through junk shop speaker cabinets. He’s just embarked on a two week European tour with ‘glue-wave’ post-punkers The Dreams so go huff his fumes live if he crosses yr flight path. Pro-dubbed and imprinted tapes in cases with J-cards designed by MB Brown. Edition of 150.

  • starcircleanatomy – scared sacred

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    scared sacred is kind of an exercise in self-antagonism, an intentional destruction of hours of recordings by way of severe digital and analog transformations as well as layering multiple recordings together. the result is a cracked kaleidoscope techno journey through years of a diverse musical sketchbook.

  • starcircleanatomy – graces

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    this tape is kind of like boiling down the endless house & trance records of my adolescence to their most basic forms and seeding fractals from them. hell’s moons, light through glass. i don’t know what else to tell you. three tracks recorded live to cassette in 2∞9, held in sewn slips with xeroxed booklet.
    edition of 80. artwork by izaak.

  • ethereal doom cosmonaut / bleak tails – mr. and ms. erotic america – split

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    our first release in a long time. dang. 18 minutes each from two east bay area kiddos. bleak tails is stephen, whose side is like watching 100 years pass in one day from inside of someone’s mouth. ethereal doom cosmonaut is sebastian, whose side is like the sweatdrops off the back of whatever holds up the sky. edition of 50.

  • personable – human disco

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    m ged gengras homage to e.b.m., transmat records, and the ultra-minimal acid house sounds