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  • the original flowering earth / kyle landstra – split – sic sic tapes

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    The Original Flowering Earth
    recorded July – December 2013 in Manitou Springs, Brooklyn and Chicago … with the windows open.

    Kyle Landstra:
    recorded in june of 2013 in an improvised and live setting utilizing a roland juno 106 and a korg ms2000 with pedals

  • lieven martens moana – os canais – sic sic tapes

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    This collage is the ambiance which existed during an hour long interview for a documentary on Wietske Van Gils and myself, by Patrick Danse. These are the invisible traces of our motions, and our ideas, in between the words.

    Performed by Patrick Danse, Wietske Van Gils, and Lieven Martens Moana
    Xochimilco, Mexico, march 2014

    The Bird Sings (Variations)

    The bird
    mimicks the wind

    The filter sings a fowl

    And there is an a, a b and a c
    all communed, in expectancy

    Inside this magnetic tape,
    der Vogel singt

  • jean-sébastien truchy – neither – sic sic tapes

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    Surprise, surprise: this is the SicSic tape you possibly didn’t expect! Dense industrial noises accompanied by an extraordinary modern-classical voice. A ghostly and stark music, yet full of detail: a richly textured sonic landscape. And highly conceptual, too! Because the music is based on an opera Morton Feldman and Samuel Beckett did back in the days!

  • new jack city – 1987 – singapore sling tapes

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  • piper spray and benzaldehyde monster – singapore sling tapes

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  • glass house – haruspex – cosmic winnetou

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    c44. recorded over 8 months in 2013 and 2014, haruspex is the third full length release by the brooklyn/philadelphia based glass house. consisting of two side-long pieces written for various electronic, stringed and percussion instruments, the album follows the trajectory set by the duo’s previous effort, keeping to the void. here, dense drones oscillate between moods both light and dark, punctuated by heavily processed field recordings and an undercurrent of musicality that implies influences ranging from doom metal to classical.

  • bluesharp – sinkhole flora – tranquility tapes

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    Proprietor of Royallen, member of Perspectives, and regular on labels like Housecraft, Rotifer, and his own Permanent Nostalgia, Joshua Tippery uses the guise Bluesharp for his solo guitar explorations. In the world of Bluesharp, though, the six string is used more for texture and noise than melody. Sinkhole Flora finds Tippery grinding his axe in unorthodox ways to invoke the crunch of the Earth and the murk of the swamps prominent throughout his home state of Florida. It’s spare, strange, and challenging at times, yet there’s something altogether soothing about this one as it takes you deep down through the sediment and then plunges you right into the marshy waters. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle. Comes with a free digital download.

  • divan – betrayal (1​/​09​-​1​/​14) – indole records

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    The debut release from this project by American Michael DeMaio (aka WOMB, TWIN FACILITY) is a sophisticated affair, combining muscular, rugged techno rhythms, 808 grooves and prickly industrialism with Gassed-out ambient haze, pensive drone and isolationist field recordings. It’s an epic journey deep into a matt-black locale, but with a glowing light guiding throughout. One to watch, this guy.

    Military grey, printed cassette with transparent vinyl case-sticker.
    Edition of 50

  • morkebla / tihkal – split – indole records

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    Confirming Italy as a fertile source of distinctive electronic artists at the moment, another Italian, Morkebla (Alberto Rosso), appears in this batch, teaming up with Jimmy’s new sample-based project, Tihkal, for a spilt tape of submerged ambient/not-ambient. With a release on Where to Now? and one forthcoming on Reckno, Morkebla is ploughing an interesting vein of fugged-up, textural electonica, where percussion clatters as if on the verge of collapse, voices murmur beyond comprehension and synths unsettle as much as they ease. On the flip, Tihkal loops fragments of harmonic synth phrases and crinkled field recordings to craft a phase-shifting collage of blissed-up stumbles.

    Plumb, printed cassette with transparent vinyl case-sticker.
    Edition of 50

  • pearl river sound – smallchamber music – indole records

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    Italy’s Roberto Semeraro presents the follow-up to his Further Records 2012 debut. Eschewing hyper-productivity and foregrounded scuzz, Pearl River Sound has more in common with classic 90s IDM/electronica than many operators in this scene. With a patient attention to detail and concise, efficient arrangements, Pearl River Sound uses a palette of plaintive Roland synth work and buoyant drum programming to bounce and sooth the listener – a mood of wistful recollection and naive charm pervades.

    Coral, printed cassette with transparent vinyl case-sticker.
    Edition of 50