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  • cenote glow – musa paradisiaca – tranquility tapes

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    The first release from Cenote Glow in about a year, Musa Paradisiaca blends synthesis and field recordings for a deep tropical journey. With sounds both captured in Mexico and recorded in Brooklyn, the release evokes the enriching warmth of the Yucatán Peninsula at times and the darker heart of the natural world at others. Sonically, found sounds are featured more in the foreground than previous Cenote Glow excursions, as musical passages flow between melodic effervescence, oceanic drones, and hypnotic whirlpools of abstract sound. Come ashore for an hour of memories and interpretations inspired by the uniquely beautiful land known as Quintana Roo. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle. Comes with a free digital download.

  • charles barabé – dates and confessions – tranquility tapes

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    Hailing from Victoriaville, Charles Barabé is a unique standout among a crop of incredibly talented rising experimental musicians based in the province of Quebec. Dates & Confessions features an eclectic and ecstatic variety of sounds that add up to one beautifully disorienting release. The cassette consists of four “Dates”, which are tightly composed melodic pieces featuring synthesizers, found sounds, subtle acoustic instrumentation, and Barabé’s heavily vocoded voice. Six “Confessions” round out the affair with looser, more improvisational and dissonant approaches to synthesis that act as appropriate foils. With the keen ability to combine elements of musique concrète, modern composition, prog, and much more, Barabé continually ratchets up the intensity throughout the release, leading up to a gorgeous, spacious finale that allows you to catch your breath and reflect on all that came before. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle. Comes with a free digital download.

  • radio shock – romanse is the death of intellect – suite 309

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    Using a ramshackle array of cheap, beat-up electronics, a guitar and lots of neon tape, MP Lockwood is Radio Shock. Most of these songs follow a loose pop structure, with unruly synths almost always bubbling over the mix. Guitar is incorporated in several ways, from no-wave noise to fractured post-punk to Andrew WK-esque riffing.

  • giant claw – 22m never felt so alone – suite 309

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    Four dancefloor anthems like only Keith Rankin can deliver. Plays like a 12″ of extended Giant Claw dance mixes.

  • heat sureens – life as a meditation on death – mmm sound

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    Recorded using only voice and field samples…

    in Gainesville, FL

    Heat Sureens’ first album in two years.

  • sphagn – attractive waste – swollen beam

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    Loop-based mutations of chewed tapes, raw synth shots and mouthfull of immature words – with these sources Anton Auster creates eight soundpieces from your disturbing dreams.

    Edition of 50

  • sashash ulz – fyodor norvegov – swollen beam

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    This cassette tape from Karelia is oozed with a quasi-tribal rhythms, collage mess, vomiting phase modulation, followed by the accelerating afrobeat sounds from the dwarfs’ party and a jubilee toast. The final track is dedicated to Fyodor Norvegov, the rock’n’roll oracle of Russia.

    Edition of 50

  • shapeless coat of arms – shapeless coat of arms – swollen beam

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    Another SCOAr cassette. More sharp and assertive noise pieces with appearing voice drowned in distortion. Play loud in headphones.

    Edition of 25

  • floris vanhoof – unstopable – self released

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    Slapback For The Guitar Player Who At A Concert Taped A Big Analog Clock To A Mic Stand Near Him, To See Where He Was Going, Or
    Doing Too Much At Once, So When You Enter A Room & Forget What You Were Going To Do There, Or Being Much Like Time Itself

  • taylor burton & andy c. jenkins – astral oil works – sunshine ltd.

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    Astral Oil Works is a nod to the cosmic coding of industry, the potentiality of local lore and the softer side of struck sound. Tools both ancient and advanced center the listener and create a reverential space in which to rest in these low-key gamelan explorations. Burton’s amplified gendèr lays the groundwork as Jenkins conducts and manipulates the smoke of the lamps via analog effects processing.