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  • x.y.r. – big calm – singapore sling tapes

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    new release by x.y.r. (Vladimir Karpov’s one-man project)
    all music was made in period feb – sep 2013 (at his bedroom in St.Petersburg, Russia)
    used stuff: analog synth formanta-mini, pedal effects, loop station, mic and field rec.
    “big calm” it’s like a message in a bottle from Robinson that you once found on the seashore;

    love this one; big calm is right on. nice mellow synth jammer complete with field recordings. Recommended

  • demonstration synthesis – ds7 – phinery tapes

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    Daniel Leznoff aka. Demonstration Synthesis has had quite a year. Stunning releases on labels such as Rotifer, Adhesive Sounds, Metaphysical Circuits, 5CM Records and Geology Records. His work never misses though; you know you’re in for a treat. With DS7 Daniel delivers synth the way only he can. It’s easy on the ears, it’s melodic and mesmerizing, it’s the perfect soundtrack for early, lazy summer evenings in the garden. It’s an honor and a privilege to have been able to work with Daniel on releasing this little masterpiece.

    For now I’ll let the album speak for itself. I’ll guarantee one thing though, with DS7 in your ears, it’s going to make everything just a little brighter.

  • sunroom / deep catalogue – – self titled / hesperides – cosmic winnetou

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    sweet and soft synths for lonely afternoons. what transports you almost instantly to the regions of tender memories? those gentle harmonies? these lullaby like melodies? nevermind, just let it flow, it feels so good… aaah. please, press play again.

    guitar and synths droning you into the bliss of a perfect evening. everything is just on its place, your breathing is slow and steady, your mind wander into the landscape of wonderful memories. just one thing disturbs your tranquil mood: the tape will be over in a minute. would you be so kind to share this perfect moment with me? would you be so nice to rewind the tape?

  • 700 club – photo body – mmm sound

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    700 club: Jeff Astin (housecraft, xiphiidae, digital natives), Josh Clark (i am just a pupil, cd’s tapes?) and Taylor Mott.

    edition of 50. c35

  • aaron dilloway – radio nepal vol 1, 2 & 3 – hanson records

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    3 cdr released separately, packaged together in this used lot.

  • appearants / betweensday – resonant hole single series vol. 2 – resonant hole

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    Resonant Hole Single Series Vol. 2. Featuring the Appearants and Betweensday. Cassette edition of 50 copies

    “This time we present a pairing of melodists inspired by that young and turbulent branch of inquiry into the marrow of emotional time. Betweensday does not betray its namesake, those recently discovered haunted ‘sharps and flats’ of the week. So swollen are these lays with melancholy, you’ll give thanks that these days unfold more often than not while you are unconscious. The Appearants derive their name from the harbingers of the Between, those elusive garden-varmints of the mind, plundering your psychic tuber-patch from beneath, the soil disgraced with expectant holes, so you’ll not know why you’re sad, but you’ll not feel any better, either. As such investigations go, these vectors may prove too obscure for the fresh initiate, but the by-product—a dancing fountain of romantic treacle, all harp glissandos and fading heart monitors, Chopin, modal balladry, and Days of Our Lives—will, by design, crush all but the most sensible hearts to dust.” –Jeanne Vomit-Terror

  • mv & ee – alpha lyrae – child of microtones

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    our first ever private press LP will be out in mid-late august via our CHILD OF MICROTONES, heavy duty vinyl, produced in SPECTRASOUND and lovingly printed by VGkids with deep denim blueblack and metallic silver ink. it will also be available via a limited edition of 99 cdr and digital download via midheaven/revolver.

    we are also offering an advance and very special limited edition of 25 test pressing copies with handpainted covers. these are all different but in the style pictured below. the sleeves are sweet recycled “kraft” stock. they will have an 8×11 insert and the labels are “generic” test pressing proprietary to the plant. these are available only from us direct, right here and right now…while supplies last.

  • various – climax #3 – cloud valley recordings

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    motion sickness of time travel / nova scotian arms / hobo cubes / ambrose oak / sundrips
    killer 4 cassette box set from the great and unfortunately late cloud valley label. used but maybe not?

  • outer space – sea of vapors – wagon

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    Synthesizer – John E.*
    Synthesizer, Electronics – Ralph H.*
    Vocals – Delina R.*