• nils quak – tage später sind es jahre – cosmic winnetou

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    “few days later years are gone”. never heard a shorter description of the big surprise that happens one certain day while you see yourself in the mirror at early morning. you still fell this certain anger that makes you throw your fistfull of noise against everything. you still feel adrift in this disturbing world, makes you grab for everything beautful available. so nothing happened at all, but who the hell is this guy in the mirror? is this me? who am i?
    powerful and heartbreaking electronic music for those who are young at heart.

  • glass house – haruspex – cosmic winnetou

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    c44. recorded over 8 months in 2013 and 2014, haruspex is the third full length release by the brooklyn/philadelphia based glass house. consisting of two side-long pieces written for various electronic, stringed and percussion instruments, the album follows the trajectory set by the duo’s previous effort, keeping to the void. here, dense drones oscillate between moods both light and dark, punctuated by heavily processed field recordings and an undercurrent of musicality that implies influences ranging from doom metal to classical.

  • asphodel aoikigahara, the black sea of trees TALsounds & steffi neuhuber – barren is – cosmic winnetou

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    hundreds of suicides and ephemera related and hint giving of their story left behind by the leavers. the album focuses on the sense of loss.sometimes welcoming, giving one a place to be, a place one can dissolve into and ring as one in the earth. a bliss, a meditation on not being, a relief from human natures cruelty and itself forever. but sometimes one can’t shake of the feelings of lost grace, a once green and sunny heart turning into a disintegrating piece of coal with the truths and the lies. these emerge feelings of darkness, despair and a definite isolation against the world. and all these form a deep meditation upon giving your live, returning to the soil in a ceremonial gesture and the expecting a bliss of “not being” within the shades.

    far from her native vienna, austria, steffi neuhuber met natalie chami at an experimental show at collaboraction during a visit to chicago. their friendship blossomed by way of their shared interests in electro-acoustic improvisation, ambient music, and strong feminism in the experimental music scene. “barren is” documents a series of the duo’s live sessions, presented here as recorded at chami’s home, without overdubs. the musicians sought to build a shared language in their short time together, pieced together from delay trails, long loops, suspended synth tones, and whispered vocalization. neuhuber performed on contrabass recorder. chami sang, played synthesizers, and processed/looped sounds with pedals.