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  • jeffry astin – Bhsaaveaegi – elestial sound

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    For over a decade now Jeffry Astin has been quietly tending to his labor and label of love: Housecraft. The cassette imprint has over 150 releases to it’s name, many of them from Astin himself under various aliases (Xiphiidae, Digital Natives) or in collaboration (Tricorn and Queue, Mannateas). Astin’s love for the cassette format runs deep, so when he feels compelled to cut something into vinyl instead we should pay close attention. Following other excellent releases on NNA Tapes, Aguirre Records, and Beer on the Rug, Astin makes his Elestial Sound debut on September 23rd with Bhsaaveaegi, an album he began recording back in 2001 and almost lost forever in a near fatal harddrive crash. The master files were miraculously recovered like some ancient and priceless artifact and preserved for the time being in a limited run vinyl edition.

  • corum – magic mirror – psychic sounds

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    “Corum constructs a mind-melting psychopharmacological vision wherein rhythms and melodies ooze into and out of focus. He brings a psychedelic atmosphere, one not culled from a traditional sense, but of a deeply innate ability to transform a space sonically creating a more spiritual, or visceral affair.” “This year sees the release of Magic Mirror, a new solo collection that finishes out a loosely themed trilogy of solo records. The new LP is world music in the broadest sense of that term, incorporating drum rhythms from Africa, instrumentation from the Middle East, and very Western electronic elements. A welcome celebratory and hypnotic vibe, which will perfectly match the incantatory spirit of his work.” – ROBERT HAM, Portland Mercury

    Final album of the Beguiling Isles Trilogy (Beguiling Isles / Effigy Mounds / Magic Mirror).

  • amethyst deceiver – echo’s weave – sam’s cabana

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    music for bi-directional listening
    all tracks recorded at toms place
    chicago, il october 2015
    guitar, delay, and synthesizer performed in two directions on four track cassette.
    created by samuel mintgreen

  • oxherding – the past is gone and the future is not yet here

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    This album was created with the cassette format in mind. The recordings are reinterpretations of past Oxherding compositions released across a series of three EPs from 2013-2016.

  • kane pour – vision crayon – field hymns

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    We’ve had a mad bee up our bonnets for this feller since hearing Kane Pour’s previous release & are stoked as hell to drop this smooth acid candy into the world. Like Yellow Magic Orchestra scoring a new installment of The Legend of Zelda set in coastal yet swanky Hyrule, Vision Crayon is a study of bubblegum tension and confetti release and a big fuck-yeah to being alive.

    Kane Pour is from Florida

  • rhucle / kentaro minoura – modalballad ep – void

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    ” Modalballad ep ”

    Rhucle / Kentaro Minoura

    2 artists 6 songs 25 minutes split album
    including jpeg poster 

    1. Nice Cream – Rhucle ( 01:06 )
    2. OO – Kentaro Minoura ( 04:05 )
    3. Tos – Kentaro Minoura ( 04:52 )
    4. Gravel – Rhucle ( 05:20 )
    5. Modalballad – Kentaro Minoura ( 05:08 )
    6. Elementalism – Rhucle ( 03:34 )
    released December 8, 2015

    All tracks Rhucle / Kentaro Minoura
    Mastering by Kentaro Minoura
    Design by Kentaro Minoura
    Art by Kentaro Minoura /

  • lost trail – a retreat more than a surrender – geology records

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    On A Retreat More Than A Surrender, Lost Trail pull off the trick of writing post apocalyptic music that transcends. This is music for the moment when humanity takes a deep breath and says, “Since we’re starting over anyway, let’s do things differently this time.” There is darkness here, but there is a lot more light. Nothing is fucked forever.