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  • kane pour – vision crayon – field hymns

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    We’ve had a mad bee up our bonnets for this feller since hearing Kane Pour’s previous release & are stoked as hell to drop this smooth acid candy into the world. Like Yellow Magic Orchestra scoring a new installment of The Legend of Zelda set in coastal yet swanky Hyrule, Vision Crayon is a study of bubblegum tension and confetti release and a big fuck-yeah to being alive.

    Kane Pour is from Florida

  • rhucle / kentaro minoura – modalballad ep – void

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    ” Modalballad ep ”

    Rhucle / Kentaro Minoura

    2 artists 6 songs 25 minutes split album
    including jpeg poster 

    1. Nice Cream – Rhucle ( 01:06 )
    2. OO – Kentaro Minoura ( 04:05 )
    3. Tos – Kentaro Minoura ( 04:52 )
    4. Gravel – Rhucle ( 05:20 )
    5. Modalballad – Kentaro Minoura ( 05:08 )
    6. Elementalism – Rhucle ( 03:34 )
    released December 8, 2015

    All tracks Rhucle / Kentaro Minoura
    Mastering by Kentaro Minoura
    Design by Kentaro Minoura
    Art by Kentaro Minoura /

  • lost trail – a retreat more than a surrender – geology records

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    On A Retreat More Than A Surrender, Lost Trail pull off the trick of writing post apocalyptic music that transcends. This is music for the moment when humanity takes a deep breath and says, “Since we’re starting over anyway, let’s do things differently this time.” There is darkness here, but there is a lot more light. Nothing is fucked forever.

  • garde forestier – – field hymns

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    Garde Forestier is vaguely sinister 80’s hold music a lunatic French guru turned into mediation loops. Or perhaps it’s a Casio workstation gone on the fritz but becoming sentient, all whilst dealing with the breakdown of its physical body and the unfairness of bothering with such a burden at such a momentous time. Maybe Garde Forestier really is a front for a Danish trio of nuns who built up these tracks in the brief moments free from the rigors of monastic life. Perhaps we are witnessing the first stirring of a post-vaporwave work unbound and unmoored from its stable of lockstep clone acolytes. Perhaps.

    Garde Forestier is from Tours, FR

  • +you – world tour – exo tapes

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    Hand-numbered edition of 35. Printed on transparent paper.

  • david tagg – georgia red – dte

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  • an elm – fly pan elm – cosmic winnetou

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    “fly pan elm” is a reaction to the positive feedback on it’s predecessor, “a nightmare, an elm street”, which was originally planned to be a one-off. yet “fly pan elm” picks a retro-charme inflated picture, and colours it with it’s own paint of synthesizer melodies. memories of the peak of trans atlantic flights are nestled in sounds of subtle irony. put your seat back in a horizontal position.

  • strom noir – the white colour of the clouds – cosmic winnetou

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    very first intention was to come up with the tape release consisting of tracks made by using solely guitar resonances. so few tracks are based, almost purely, on the sound fragments which were recorded in a way that i started to record couple of seconds, even minutes, after the last tone was played. on the other hand, there are “more regular” tracks which are based on a simple melody, repeated during the entire track. i have always had some kind of fondness for such tracks, there is some kind of thrill which puts listener into an expectation of the change which, at the end, does not come. finally i’ve recorded tracks that represent some kind of conjunction of what one can hear on the album, abstract fragments as well as melodic parts. as the result, the white colour of the clouds represents probably the most conceptualized release I have ever made.
    masterfully crafted reverberating guitar drones that keeps no soul untouched. everybody needs some drone pillow from time to time, don’t you?