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  • william cody watson – bill murray

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    Dedicated to and specifically crafted for the man himself.
    “This is the most important piece of music I’ve ever made.” – William Cody Watson
    the end.

  • colored mushroom and the medicine rocks – at red frosting

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    after being delayed multiple times along with mr mcguire’s “between family”, this release finally sees the light. songs about confusing confusion being confusing. the ensemble moves forward with a malachite grid for the room to change all the bad stuff happening in the basement. nobody is being honest and so maybe the obsidian should be handled with much more care (i.e. put it away) than previously anticipated. no, not new age bullshit – im talking about the little pieces of information which we are handed to use as tools. thats not the point anyhow and besides that, the red frosting is a mystery and its a bad thing anyway, nobody wants to dwell on the bad stuff.
    150 chrome red tapes w/double sided collage art.

  • orphan fairytale – satellites that serve us – blackest rainbow

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    After a long wait… the tale finally arrives, one insane trip of moon safari keyz from Belgian Frozen Corpser Eva. One side of pink cassette acid fuelled child like far outness that only the OF can jam so well. One of the most psychedelic-ly far out surreal trips to come out on the label so far, each one comes in individual space covers with a hand numbered black and white insert of crackle screen space weirdness. One sided cassette. Limited to 100.
    artwork is different than picture, every tape had different artwork