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  • eatqs ~ fairy super crystal blue – noumenal loom

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    ethereal & the queer show.
    All songs produced by EATQS – Denton, TX
    Artwork by Keith Rankin

  • kanelbjørn – udkants​-​tripper – metaphysical circuits

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    Hereby, the debut full length from Denmark’s Kanelbjørn (yeah, we’re proud of the “ø” here – see, also, Fugleøen, Grøn, Øjerum, and… I’m probably inadvertently overlooking a few others.) Incidentally, Kanelbjørn (‘cinnamon bear’) is Danish for ‘ruby tiger.’ Phragmatobia fuliginosa. That’s a moth.

    Well, there are, certainly, complex wings on this masterful mindbender! Multi-faceted yet focused, “Udkants-tripper” spans twelve compositions, encompassing spliff-er-iffic splashes, tech-pop textures, dub-infused wizardry, and lo-fi sci-fi which – to these ears (and wings) – are, simply, perfection.

  • rawmean / S/H/A/R/R/P/S & Ragged Lines – lemma/ thought processions – metaphysical circuits

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    Brooklyn’s rawmean shares with us, here, an extension of/companion to his brilliant late 2015 full length “Tutulemma” ( ), in the form of a seamless, rousing three-track set, titled… “Lemma.” Loops build (upon) harmonies, rhythms, and… go go go! – the supposed boundaries of his own brands of minimal psych-funk, danceteria drive, and sciencewave sophisti-synthery are broken, in barely 14½ minutes. Powerflow.

    On the obverse, S/H/A/R/R/P/S (Jessy Kendall, of Lewiston, Maine) and Ragged Lines (me, of here) ‘pseudo collaborate,’ heading/shattering in different – many – directions. A mirage collage of caustic hot takes, the foundation of “Thought Processions” scrapes the surface of territory similar to rawmean’s, though with undeniably/unavoidably alternate results – spurts of synth-gaze glaze, hip ‘n’ hopped-up beats, found sound, and… discretion, chill-advised.

  • avery gabbiano — oracles & chambers – spring break tapes

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    Heavily influenced by sacred geometry and marine life, Avery Gabbiano has produced a serene and meditative journey in the unknown with Oracles & Chambers. He combines aquatic tones, both synthesized and organically captured, with field recordings that coalesce to create a stunning sophomore effort.

  • head dress – rose – spring break tapes

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    With twelve releases in less than two years and no signs of slowing his prolific progress, Head Dress forges on with Rose, using modular synths to generate complex rhythms and unique pattern variations. The man behind the project is one Ted James Butler who you may recognize from his well established cassette podcast, Norelco Mori.

  • rhucle – shimmer

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  • kyle landstra / braeyden jae – split – geology records

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    A. Kyle Landstra – The Sun and Moon of Our Seasons
    B. Braeyden Jae – Self Wished

  • youth worship – techno void – scissor tail editions

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    released April 25, 2016

    Rashiko Haskell

    artwork by ojeRum

  • gardener / ivy meadows – fluere tapes

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    The sinuous plumage of Poemandre’s humid unfurlings billow from electrified living waters of life into flourescent healing aquafers within!
    released April 22, 2016

    Fluere Tapes 07

    Side A;
    gardener is dash lewis
    recorded spring 2015 in chicago, il
    voice, looper, guitar pedals, and kyle landstra’s juno 106 synthesizer.
    thanks to kyle, colin, rae, lee, and you.

    Side B;
    Ivy Meadows “Hidden Landscapes”
    All songs recorded at home in Brooklyn, NY by Camilla Padgitt-Coles (Ivy Meadows) between May- December 2010 using Korg Delta, Novation Bass Station, Roland Juno-60, Boss RPS-10 & Dr. Rhythm 110

  • jakob pek – emptiness smiles – full spectrum records

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    In the time since we released his first album – Open Mystery – Pek attended the venerable Mills College in Oakland, CA, where he studied with notable luminaries of the American avant-garde Fred Frith and William Winant. That experience triggered a fundamental transformation in Pek’s approach to improvisation and performance. Whereas Open Mystery provided a comprehensive examination of the American Primitive style championed by his former teachers, Emptiness Smiles expands out from that center, incorporating more diverse instrumentation and an evolved sense of both rhythm and texture.

    Recorded and mixed in sessions with FS Fam Aaron Oppenheim and Andrew Weathers, the album was assembled from hours of live studio improvisation. Four recordings have been chosen for this release, each honing in on different aspects of Pek’s current practice. Piano meditations, deconstructed blues riffs and percussive explorations of the guitar itself are all on display here, providing an evocative follow-up to his debut; and an album which serves as an intriguing document of a vital young artist operating at the fringes of American experimentalism.