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  • forest management – acclimation – amethyst sunset

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    Recorded and mixed March – April 2016 at home, the library, and Renaissance Downtown Hotel in Chicago, IL
    Photo by John Daniel<BR>

    Over the years John Daniel‘s efforts have naturally evolved into something great. The Cleveland-bred, Chicago-based producer works at a steady pace, releasing minimal drifts of ambient music and curating the promising Sequel imprint — which has already issued majestic works by Celer, Chemtrails, and Dominic Coppola, among others. But Forest Management remains Daniel’s flagship effort, and now thanks either to chance or fate, the project teams up with the hallowed Amethyst Sunset imprint.

    Acclimation might be Daniel’s masterwork. Its eight pieces sprawl across the edition’s two cassettes in an aural display that highlights the project’s wistful grace and uncanny sense of patience. Tones and textures dissolve into glacially blooming sonic motifs. The overall effect furthers the meditative, nocturnal beauty of past editions like Reservation and Opening Night (with Dominic Coppola).

    “Entranceways and Pathways” opens the set with weightless, floating tones, making way for the effervescent drift of “Blue Line.” “Illuminate” and “Drinks at the Association” take a turn for more darker realms while retaining the hopeful, silver lining-like warmth amidst the dark and foggy drones. “Glance” and “Belief Trends” channel Gas at his most noxious, while “Structure and Sentiment” could be a long lost Stars of the Lid demo. It’s best to pick this up now and get lost for a while. – Decoder<BR>


  • black eagle child – self released

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    self released cdr
    limited to 10
    All songs recorded july + june 2008

  • million brazilians – slip enchantment – psychic sounds

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    The new work, captured in the Northwest at Olympia’s famed Dub Narcotic studio and the band’s own Hive Studio, maintains the hypnotic entanglements of their previous work while adding in some welcome intrusions of noise and some horror movie soundtrack atmospherics. Just listen to how “A Coin Set Upon Crossed Roads” creaks to life like a Golem finding its balance before slowly breaking into an elegant ndlamu, urged on by Suzanne Stone’s wild vocals, the drums of James Shaver, and the unholy scrape of guest player Idaho Joe Windslow’s gongtar.

    The flipside – the three movement “Triple Torch” – takes the opposite tack, bouncing into the world with a dangerously charming grin and the jangle of metal on metal before the second section wheezes into view through the skein of hair-raising reed work via Corum and friend of the Brazilians Arrington de Dionyso on contrabass clarinet. It’s not necessarily relaxing or calming. It’s more like setting a steady buzz into your medulla oblongata to facilitate the flow of blood to your extremities. You’ll feel alive and tingling and fully aware. Get a cassette deck that will play both sides in a loop to better facilitate the immersive experience of Slip Enchantments. Your mind and body will thank you for it.” – Robert Hamm, Experimental Portland

    -Professionally dubbed onto chrome tape with optional Dolby B
    -Color art & insert
    -Running time: 34 minutes

  • koasasa – drawing down the moon – housecraft recordings

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    North Florida seems to be a never-ending resource for artists delving into the ethereal. I first came across this project at ‘Total Bummer’ in Orlando last Summer. Koasasa blends field recordings and synth analogies into a synaesthesic stew that conjures archaic/nostalgic hues, through and through. Of a deeply hidden swamp variety, Jurassic even.edition of 50
    type II BASF cass

  • 555 – thee omega seed – mjmj records

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    Artwork/packaging is top notch & sounds within touch upon so many worlds & yet remain coherent. Hard to describe; not unfamiliar but known spaces seen thru new perspectives.
    Definitely recommended. (prob should of gotten more copies )

    MJ MJ is very proud to bring you the latest offering from Christopher Farstad. Under the guise of 555 he has released a slew of defining cassettes through Moon Glyph, Constellation Tatsu and Rainbow Pyramid. The first in our spring series is an album of sonic awakening and growth, a beautiful combination of Carnatic Flute, guitar and electronics. The album strikes a balance of organic and synthetic, meditation and movement.

    In C. Farstad’s words – “A science-fiction suite inspired in equal parts by a Christmas-Day performance at a Xhurch, Paolo Soleri’s eco-theological writings, and the imaginative potential of technology, Thee Omega Seed is a conceptual work proposing a cult of computer programmers who have chosen to dedicate their life crafting religious experiences in Virtual Reality for the express purpose of initiating humans into an age of non-belief. In this recording, 555 lays claim to the trans-human unfolding already in progress as a personal credo of natural expression.”

    All sounds created by 555 / Chris Farstad in Portland, OR.
    Packaging designed by Nico Stephou in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
    Released by MJ MJ Records in Minneapolis, MN in April 2016.
    Edition of 100

  • digital natives – its all point blank – beer on the rug

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    Housecraft bossman Jeff Astin dishes up precisely fourteen interlaced mazes of weird sure to be on repeat inside your head for the foreseeable future. On the porch or by the pool, this one is for you. It’s All Point Blank.The dice have already been rolled. Don’t question it. Just press play.

    Limited edition of 100 cassettes w/ download code
    Design/ Layout by Paul Browning
    Pro-imprinted and pro-duplicated

  • kane pour – hyper pollen temple – elestial sound

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    1. Magic Tortoise 1:52

    2. Wooden Twin 5.44

    3. Frog’s Puzzle Box 4:29

    4. Aquarium Pinball 5:23

    5. Blue Chantrelle 6:59