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  • joan la barbara – voice is the original instrument – arc light editions

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    Voice Is The Original Instrument was the first record released by Joan La Barbara in 1976 on Wizard Records. This is the first time the original LP, with artwork, has been made available again. It has since become iconic as one of the initial examples of extended vocal techniques in experimental music. The human voice is the only instrument on the recordings. The works on Voice is the Original Instrument were some of Joan’s earliest compositions, researching the possibilities of the voice, in two rigorous ├ętudes, “Circular Song” and “Voice Piece: One-Note Internal Resonance Investigation”, and the more free-form “Vocal Extensions”, which uses live electronic processing. “My reason for producing the LP was to get my music out to the world beyond NYC and the major cities in which I was playing concerts,” she says. “At that time, Carla Bley and Michael Mantler had started JCOA/New Music Distribution Service which handled small independent labels, so there were quite a few artists in the NYC area who were producing their own albums and distributing them through that service.” Just out of college and living in a Soho loft in New York, Joan began playing shows in New York with jazz and rock musicians, and with those in the new music scene. “I did commercials, which, strangely enough, led me to Steve Reich,” she says. “A composer I was working with, Michael Sahl hired me to do some radio commercials and suggested me to Reich who was looking for singers who could imitate instruments, which was something I had been working on for some time and was part of my exploration of the voice. I worked with Reich on the development of “Drumming”, imitating the marimba.”

  • lino capra vaccina – frammenti da antico adagio – die schachtel

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    previously-unreleased material from the original 1978 sessions of Lino “Capra” Vaccina’s Antico Adagio.

  • du – d r r a w p – g.o.a.t. beetz

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    Normal_bias Tape home-dubbed with only five copies available with this cover art

    Some Liquids Loops from du on the tape

  • ophibre – s for s – cloud valley

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    Numbered edition of 54 copies.

    S For S – 32:36

  • trikorder 23 – blumster – cosmic winnetou

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    niko the charming geek, alone with friends, locked in a space with trees and a table, which is covered for all. everything stops around you and it takes a while until you realize that it only runs much slower.
    he simply took this old, detuned guitar in the night and played.
    so, naturally the guitar fell in love with him and they became good friends.
    and whenever niko left the studio to visit his beautiful wife and his lovely daughter at the city,
    the guitar started to cry.
    the more you turn the record,
    the clearer are the little voices of the sad guitar in empty space.
    so, sit down! (cristof wlemang)
    charming and poetic tracks to bewitch you and your family.
    celebrate life and spin this record.

  • stinging nettle – bull in a yellow tree – y.a.l.

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    stinging nettle////bull in a yellow tree///Y.A.L. #0335
    well, there is a bull in a yellow tree. just so its horns can pick up
    a FRE QUEN CY. each limb is each song see and the bull climbs the tree
    whenever he can’t stop himself. the tree is terrifying, though only
    when he ain’t in it. now he is up there drawing with his eyes shut!

  • tabernacle – grown down – y.a.l.

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    tabernacle////grown down///Y.A.L. #0334
    a cadillac chasin some THIEF named johnny down the road cus he just
    ran off w/ everything i own. who cares??? it’s part of blue yodel #
    1,224,967 the one that sounds like you are inside a washing machine
    sent back fr the future to kill jimmie rodgers. but ok that’s not all.
    i’m lookin out the back door and see fisher playing drums like she is
    boxing a kangaroo or something. we are all in the cadillac now, gettin
    outta here, drinking the sweet berry wine glug glug, eatin up the sand
    food og og og.
    thom staton-drums on first track, electronics on long track
    casey-bass on first track
    kate fisher-drums on last couple tracks
    taylor hada & j.s. hogan-everything else

  • prima materia – prima materia – die schachtel

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    Sold out, limited repress May 2016. This deluxe double-LP box set commemorates the tenth anniversary of Die Schactel’s 2005 CD reissue of Prima Materia’s La Coda della Tigre/Tail of the Tiger, and marks the first vinyl edition of the album since its original 1977 release. La Coda della Tigre/Tail of the Tiger is a totally immersive listening experience and a true testament to the power and range of the human voice in all its harmonic splendor. Originally issued in 1977 by the Italian Ananda label, run by Prima Materia founder Roberto Laneri with Alvin Curran and Giacinto Scelsi, La Coda Della Tigre/Tail of the Tiger is a long, dense, trance-inducing drone of sustained notes, rich with overtones and harmonic embellishments and coming from a space so vast and unexplored that it evokes a non-human, almost ethereal nature. Every molecule of that sound was produced using only the most original and archaic of instruments, the human voice. The musicians of Prima Materia — founded by Laneri in San Diego in 1973 — individually researched and developed unusual vocal techniques (originally used in Tantric rituals in North India, Mongolia, and Tibet) based on the use of overtones coupled with a special state of inner concentration, which was the essential condition for both the emission and control of long, sustained, and complex vocal sounds. Their capacity to sustain a note for what seems an eternity and to continue to provide endless variations generates a continuous and sustained drone of sound in which the overtones are clearly perceived. La Coda della Tigre/Tail of the Tiger disappeared soon after its original release, acquiring an almost legendary status among collectors and lovers of experimental music in the decades since. Die Schachtel recovered the original tapes and, in 2005, released the limited CD The Tail of the Tiger, which went out of print itself in a few months. This box set includes the first vinyl reissue of La Coda della Tigre/Tail of the Tiger, plus an LP containing a stunning recording of a 1974 live performance in Cologne, Germany; both LPs are high-quality records pressed in Germany, and are presented in custom coated paper inner sleeves bearing original photos printed in silver ink. The set also includes a four-page explanatory booklet and a 16-page mandala booklet designed by Dinamomilano and inspired by the group’s references and philosophy. Limited edition of 300.