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  • absinthe minds – live in new york – earjerk

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    Absinthe Minds – “Rising Kulo Summit” b/w “Passage of the Wicked, River of Time” – (c23) – Mangled tape. lo-fi, mucked up, to close to the band, deck on the floor boards, picking up every vibration. every drop of the crowds sweat. this is a indie-reject hell. This is absinthe minds. Nice live recording from the new york tour jams. Looks like the boys took a little bit of the midwest along when they dropped this on NYC. Plains Indian Style. But Plains Indians ancestors back from the dead and pissed style. Upon arrival back in the home territories the Minds souls just kept heading west… God damn if the boys dont lay out a total fucking zombie SURF ROCK tune! Absinthe Minds stylee! For real so but dont be sceered! 45 copies on unholy white and bloody sunset red cassettes.

    A Side Live in New York 12/13/08
    B Side Live in Northern Wisconsin 12/26/08

  • absinthe minds – the song of returning light – not not fun

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    Recorded live at various locations in Winter 2008. Pro-dubbed tapes with hand-painted labels. Edition of 100.