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  • ajilvsga ‎– the origin of the chaul – dial square tapes

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    Edition of 32 copies. (22 copies initially, with 10 more identical copies coming out 3 weeks afterwards.)
    Tapes come packaged inside a vinyl case.
    Catalogue number is incorrectly listed as DSQ044 on the back cover.

  • ajilvsga – massacre canyon – avant archive

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    If you’ve been hanging around the tiny experimental voids that have been surfacing in North America over the past five-or-so years, there is some chance that you’ve brushed up against the rolling thunderhead called Ajilvsga. The duo’s body of work is massive, and so even though it’s only a glimpse, Massacre Canyon is nonetheless a necessary document in the evolution of this musical icon. This soaring double-cassette collects tracks from Ajilvsga’s past—some pieces more ephemeral than others, but everything worthy of a second (or tenth) glance. What these selections have in common is only a certain ability to succinctly (as much as one can, given the nature of the music, both in density and in length) define this Oklahoman tag-team’s oeuvre: an animal darkness, tainted with imagery both accusatory and mournful. Through their own multitude of sonic approaches, may you find Ajilvsga’s essence living in the spaces of Massacre Canyon. Alas, it’s not the end: Side D contains 40 minutes of new music. Onward!