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  • seeami x albino deers – ep – adhesive sounds

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    Written in August – October by Seeami (New Zealand) + Albino
    Deers (Rome).

    yvyan Colonna, the aforementioned artist, Babexo, recently released a new collaborative EP with New Zealand based artist Seeami under the name Albino Deers x Seeami, respectively. The record is available in physical format via the Canadian based tape label, Adhesive Sounds and would probably sound absolutely amazing through the platform. Anyway, “Ode to Wilhelm” is the second track off of the EP, “The Creation of Greatness” being a first which acts as almost like an introduction to what you’re about to hear. “Ode to Wilhelm”, however, is dreary at best, boasting a thick thump and bass loop with high pitched synths evoking a melancholic trance-like drone in all of it’s two minutes and fifty-five seconds. “Ode to Wilhelm” is utterly monumental. In equal measures of greatness, “Hold Me Forever”, “Be Still”, and “Rome, 5AM” all co-exist as some of my favorite tracks as the year has progressed. Both artists features on this collaborative effort have managed to work together in idiosyncratic ways that have blended in to one mesmerizing release.
    —Passwords to Tracks