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  • alec cheer – low summer sunlight on water – macrowhisker

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    First Cheer album to apear on vinyl. Low Summer Sunlight On Water features 11 tracks of improvised piano music and found sounds, that comes as a beautiful 180grm heavy vinyl in a 3mm matt finished sleave decorated with photography by Sally Chisholm & Alec Cheer.

    “I had been going to the Mitchell Library for the past couple of years to play the pianos they have in the rooms up on the 4th floor. I’m no piano player, I couldn’t play you a tune that you would know, I just love the sound of the notes harmonics and the sustain. I’m really drawn to the mystery and the feeling of limitless possibilities I get sitting in front of the piano. I’m interested in honest sounds, and the piano has a sound that is very real, when your playing it you a get a great sense of the physical structure and weight of the instrument.

    My approach was to sit at the piano, place the zoom recorder on top, press record and see what happens. Each piano has it own sound, for example my mother’s piano has a bassier sound and is in a bigger room which gives it a lovely warm texture. The sound the piano produces to me is meditative and enriching and I hope that translates in these recordings.” Alec Cheer, Nov 2012

    Mastered by Ruaraidh Sanachan(nackt insekcten)

    Cover Photography by Sally Chisholm