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  • former selver / aloonaluna – our air / visitors – cosmic winnetou

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    there is a poem from a childhood friend that always stuck with me. at night when I see the moon, or when I look at the sun directly in its eye, I sometimes still recall it. in this particular poem, it charts the unrequited love of the sun and the moon. oh, how the sun and the moon chase each other around the earth in the cosmos, never to really meet. how different but yet similar the two are, both with their varying lights and gravitational pulls on earth. the musical projects former selves and aloonaluna play out some similar scenario, as sun and moon, piecing together their own star-crossed variants of light and gravity. here on this split we have an intersection of sun and moon; the space where they meet. perhaps its those last few moments before the sun sneaks past the horizon, eyeing that graying moon.
    remember, novalis said “we dream of a journey through the universe. but is the universe then not in us? inward goes the secret path.” so come on, don’t hesitate, be romantic. the truest beauty awaits you.

  • bery / aloonaluna- split (the second life/premonitions and tusks) – watery starve

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    Beru and Aloonaluna met when they were billed for the same show in San Francisco, California in March 2013. Jessica Collins (aka Beru) drove up from Los Angeles on a whim, checked into a hotel with a pool and swam. Later that night, Jessica and Lynn (Aloonaluna) met, and Lynn fell in love. It only happens so much, you know. On the A side, Beru’s music is like opening Pandora’s box. What shadows and souls are found! If there was a spectrum for every emotion, it is housed in this part of the release. On the B side, Aloonaluna’s tracks weave some strange and lethargic broken pop anthems. She explains to a young child about death, how babies are born and the death of love. They are premonitions.

  • aloonaluna- diadem or halo? – hooker vision

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    Lynn Fister returns to Hooker Vision with a massive followup to February’s Bunny cassette. Where Bunny felt like a warm afternoon, Diadem or Halo? resembles a chilly evening and Lynn lets the mood build slowly over the course of twelve mesmerizingly infectious gems.
    Edition of 100.

  • birds of passage / je suis le petit chevalier / motion sickness of time travel / aloonaluna – taxidermy of unicorns

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    2 cassettes with small zine

    Folk music is expanding into many new forms with experimentalists such as birds of passage, Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, Motion Sickness of Time Travel and Aloonaluna- all female experimentalists who plant folk notions to a more hybridized, variegated flora. Whether the terms of music here is ambiguous but personal voice, the electronic as modernist tool for folk-making, or a magic-realist or urban-pastoral perspective- these terms are expanding in ways that are gaseous; the terrestrial reaching out to the more intangible worlds of dream and space. This is individual and private music speaking to a more collective conscious. This is Taxidermy of Unicorns- an act of stuffing such a mythical animal, fabricating this beautiful beast as a specimen of all such beasts…

    Tape art by Lynn Fister. Watercolor printed insert with sewn leaves and wrapped in yarn. Accompanying booklet with individual, original collage on center page. Pro-dubbed chrome plus tape with clear shell and black lining. Limited to 200.

  • aloonaluna / motion sickness of time travel – split- constellation tatsu

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    Launched and soaring, content with youth’s glad phosphorus connection. Various ways of approaching, differently connecting and arranged in a rich spiraling way, not at all decided. Of what use is sending and not sending a consistency spaced. There is a giant among us, eternal and discovering.

  • aloonaluna – a loon a luna & bird milk – self released

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    used copy, cover art differs from picture.
    Two disc album- A Loon A Luna (cd) and Bird Milk(cdr). Concertina Records 2010. Each album features unique hand painted art. Mixed and Mastered by Lynn Fister, except the song “Aeiou” mixed by Thierry Penduff. Cover and insert art by Lynn Fister. Limited to 500 copies.

    All songs composed and performed by Aloonaluna. (Caitlin Dunn, Thierry Penduff, Robbie Goethe, Will Chase and Lynn Fister.) Features Christopher Fleeger on “Cup of Fish” and “5000” and Jacklyn Attaway on “Paper Loon” and “This Little Piggy.”

  • aloonaluna- bunny – hooker vision

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    Gorgeous and damaged outsider pop from this former Florida noisemaker now residing in California. For the first Aloonaluna cassette, Lynn Fister offers us an intimate set of slowly enchanting dream pop lullabies in the southern gothic tradition.