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  • amulets – auras – spring break tapes

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    Randall Taylor aka Amulets has quickly become a staple in the cassette community self releasing the majority of his work. He fuses lush drones and layers of processed guitar loops along with samples from his vast library of field recordings which result in elegant and nostalgic long-form compositions. Fans will hear similarities here compared to previous work but undoubtedly will also notice Amulets honing his talents on Auras, giving us one of his finest tapes to date.

  • amulets – the construct of time

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    “a film projector rattles from behind a closed door, beams of light are cast through cracks in the exposed architecture, revealed in a dense mist”THE CONSTRUCT OF TIME by AMULETS

  • amulets – 59 fields of ruin – sacred altar

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    All music by AMULETS

    This album was recorded in real time using handmade cassette loops,
    samples, and looped electric guitar.

    April 2015 // Austin, Texas

  • amulets – sierra high – heligator records

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    For his track for Heligator Records, AMULETS pulls back the covers a bit on “Sierra Highs” to reveal an arcing, achingly beautiful 13 + track that scratches the firmament with beautiful, ebullient tones, delicate American Primitivist-influenced wisps.

    Things have been pretty heavy as of late. Beauty still exists. Beauty will always exist.

  • amulets – know your america

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    The KNOW YOUR AMERICA album by Amulets is a 2 part, improvised ambient session recorded live on September 11, 2015. KNOW YOUR AMERICA was inspired by a found set of vintage Know Your America history books and have been packaged with them as a limited edition cassette release.
    3rd edition