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  • angel 1 – rex – beer on the rug

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    LA based producer Angel 1 is on fleek! You should already know about this hotsteppin’ bad boy by know. Stylistically diverse, the futuristic, ultra HD tracks on Rex careen and swerve multiple genres with ease. Seven dense bangers incorporate elements of trap, re-constructed avant-garde pop and abstract electronica under one microcosmic umbrella. Rex. Perfected cosmic circus music for all you freaks. Turn up.

  • angel 1 – angle activate – beer on the rug

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    Angel 1 turns on and activates in proper fashion, singing a lark’s morning tune while swan diving onto a fantastically jarring toroidal halo roller coaster comprised of synthetic wood. Thee Angelic 1 twists and turns over two slippery sliders, churning for God on behalf of you and your loved ones. This album was recorded in Los Angeles, California.

    Limited edition of 80 cassettes w/ download code
    Features artwork by Francesco De Gallo
    Pro-duplicated on high quality chrome tape in light pink shells