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  • AyGeeTee – all threes again – speaker footage

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    “I live in London where I bring up my 10 yr old son & make this ‘music’ amongst other bits n bobs. I have very little methodology in the music I make, it is often a continuous stream, I will sit down and see what comes out. I try to use it has an expression of my feelings, either personally or of/for the world around me and the world at large, I’ll either start with making a beat, or sometimes a melody, a bassline, I don’t know, wtvr comes out first. Often, though, I’ll start with a sample and mess with and build around it until it’s almost not there – sometimes I take out the sample altogether, so that it was only ever the frame on which to hang the track, or better still, the mould that’s taken out once the thing is made. I use field recordings as well as instruments and samples, to create atmosphere, or warped voices, mine or others. I usually build layer upon layer until I feel I have the thing right and usually I have no idea why I think it’s right, it just is, it seems impossible for me to make something too clean, however hard I might try, I usually pile sound upon sound until I feel I have it & because of that the sound is often quite overblown, dirty almost.”

    – Andrew G Thomson (AyGeeTee)

  • aygeetee – imminent orphan – reckno

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    Reckno is extremely proud to present Imminent Orphan, a highly personal collection of music by AyGeeTee and his second release for the label following Eternity’s Conceit earlier in the year. The same spirit of endless mutation and forward moving propulsion pushes these eight tracks ever forward and skyward. The real instruments (sad pianos and shimmering drum machines) collide with computer mutation, improvisation and freedom, loads of freedom.

    A sense that anything can happen is always present in AyGeeTee’s tracks. They seem to evolve naturally as if sound is constantly being created and tweaked and someone has jacked into an open channel and made a sound grab of a particular moment in time. The rule book has been shredded, set on fire and sprinkled over this music coating it in a welcoming faraway haze.