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  • basked unit – pouring tally – rotifer – cass

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    “Home-grown paragons from Ontario’s finest. Coiling weaves of yesteryear’s travels.edition of 45.”
    -Rotifer Cassettes

  • basked unit / perspectives – house of sun

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    A joint duo split between Gainesville, FL soundcrafters Persepctives and Southern Ontario’s Basked Unit. A side is a minimal freeform instrumental via Royallen & Do Tell, guitars interweave tales between piano notes for a strange trip down memory lane. Flip side sees Thoughts on Air visit the house of sun for a relaxing afternoon session with Knit where two guitars and various contact mics / patch cords join as one for a flowing medley of mid-winter looped patchwork.

    “Here’s an expectedly weird one from the glimmering House of Sun: a split between likeminded sonic weirdos Perspectives and Basked Unit, each delivering some of their most expressive work to date. Perspectives starts things out with some slow-building and truly out-there walls of echo and chaotic instrumentation. It’s dark sounding music, with mysteries bubbling up everywhere. On the flip, Basked Unit (the collaborative effort of Pouw and Johnson) begins with a relaxing breeze of mellow guitars before transitioning into a sinister and ominous swell of patches and loops. By the very end of the tape, the sun may be showing signs of emerging, but the listener will likely be getting ready to start the whole thing over, just to bath in just a little more darkness.”
    – Zen Effects

  • basked unit – chimera chi – different lands

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    No Background or foreground in this constantly revolving sound carousel. A funhouse mirror. A marriage of horror and joy.