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  • bastian void / kyle landstra – split – lilerne tapes

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    It’d be hard for me to pick a better combo of rippers to wind down 2015 with than the two on this tape. Joseph Bastardo’s Bastian Void project has been blowing me away for quite some time, and these new compositions are some of my favorites to date. His contribution to the split is an energetic and immersive world of hypnotic synth lines and beautifully arranged rhythms. It’s rare to hear music that is as transcendent as it is present and demanding of one’s attention. Real otherworldly areas—the perfect exercise playlist for a workout in space or some true headphone therapy. Landstra’s ability to be a prolific performer and recorder without sacrificing quality or emotional impact is what’s drawn me to his work. His side is the perfect comedown after the flight. Warm melodies and pulsating layers of synthesizer come and go, meeting together and dissipating, creating a satisfying sense of cathartic movement. Truly human and emotional work translated through electronics. This tape is a knockout! Edition of 75 homedubbed Type II/Chrome cassettes. Artwork and printing by Joseph Bastardo.

  • bastian void – no dreams – sic sic tapes

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    03:15 A.M. No sleep. Eyes set on the red lights of a clock radio. No sight. No sound. No dreams. Over and over again. Insomnia’s a precursor to insanity.

    Music, Artwork & Layout by Joseph Bastardo
    Recorded at Moss Archive, 2014 (
    Released on homedubbed chrome tapes in an edition of 65.

  • bastian void / three fourths tigers – designs for coloring – faux paux recordings

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    Split release from Joseph Bastardo and Ryan Mulhall, the two halves of Looks Realistic. Roots, leaves, moss and dirt. Each half is a distinct take on tape recording and manipulation, using synthesizers and sampling keyboards. Both sides were edited, mixed and arranged at Moss Archive, in the forest-valley of New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

    On the first side we have moldy melodics and blown tape crumble from Bastian Void. Analog synthesizers bubble and rip the tape into a warm dust. You’ve sleepwalked into a secret science lab, hidden in the woods behind your house. You flip a switch. Recorded to 4-track summer 2011 in Worcester, MA.

    The flip side from Three Fourths Tigers offers up a broken screen of bright rainbows smeared with soil. Recorded to portable tape recorder on a camping trip. Computers tell you bedtime stories while keyboards play a glitched-out recounting of American pop music, until the batteries finally sputter to a halt. Some days, puffs of pink lint drift by. Other times, tar smears across your back yard while you’re trying to play flashlight tag.

    Edition of 100 pro-dubbed, imprinted tapes