birchville cat motel

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  • campbell kneale -pink stalingrad – celebrate psi phenomenon

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    Imagine… a SOLO album! Some kind of loose-as-hell rumination on human tragedy of a magnitude beyond imagining. Take the everlasting, golden-superchord of Birchville Cat Motel, the growling tectonic, under-par riffage of Black Boned Angel, and the ‘Burzum-o-phonic’, cassette-left-on-the-dashboard fidelity disruption of Ming. A white-knuckled ride through snow and smoke and blood and fire. SHOSTAKOVICH!

  • birchville cat motel – summers seething pulse – elsie and jack

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    comes with slightly different artwork than pictured

    “I can hear things.

    “Late at night, if not sufficiently drained from the day, I hear things. Walking to work I hear them too. Increasingly I find that in the fragments of existence that aren’t filled to capacity resides a sound, a noise, or perhaps a sensation, and if you can tune out the myriad of competing frequencies, you’ll hear it too.

    “To describe this sound is a fearsome task indeed. It can rattle like a dish-rack before an approaching earthquake, it buzzes similar to your annoying refridgerator, and sometimes it’s the frail squeals of amplifier-damaged ears. But inevitably, its lithe form shifts and avoids apprehension leaving me with a heart-bursting sense of having not quite grasped something of great interest.”

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