birds of passage

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  • birds of passage / je suis le petit chevalier / motion sickness of time travel / aloonaluna – taxidermy of unicorns

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    2 cassettes with small zine

    Folk music is expanding into many new forms with experimentalists such as birds of passage, Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, Motion Sickness of Time Travel and Aloonaluna- all female experimentalists who plant folk notions to a more hybridized, variegated flora. Whether the terms of music here is ambiguous but personal voice, the electronic as modernist tool for folk-making, or a magic-realist or urban-pastoral perspective- these terms are expanding in ways that are gaseous; the terrestrial reaching out to the more intangible worlds of dream and space. This is individual and private music speaking to a more collective conscious. This is Taxidermy of Unicorns- an act of stuffing such a mythical animal, fabricating this beautiful beast as a specimen of all such beasts…

    Tape art by Lynn Fister. Watercolor printed insert with sewn leaves and wrapped in yarn. Accompanying booklet with individual, original collage on center page. Pro-dubbed chrome plus tape with clear shell and black lining. Limited to 200.

  • birds of passage – winter lady – bathetic records

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    Perfect for the wintertime, Alicia Merz’ Birds of Passage project comes from another world, separate from our own. This is an world similar to ours, but everything is just slightly off. A constant overcast sky, filled with birds drifting through these skies leaving long trails of gold and blue ribbons. It’s a fantastic and ethereal plane.

    On Winter Lady, the music gently creeps from the cassette as wound gossamer, bent and shaped into a silhouette of a beautiful creature calming walking towards you. This is gorgeousness embodied, showcased through a delicate skeleton.