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  • black eagle child – self released

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    self released cdr
    limited to 10
    All songs recorded july + june 2008

  • black eagle child – playing – scissor tail editions

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    Black Eagle Child is the project of Michael Jantz from Milwaukee Wisconsin. Jantz and Black Eagle Child are in no way unfamiliar names if you’ve been following experimental music over the last 5 years. He has released a number of albums on a slew of great labels over the years (Stunned, Digitalis, Under The Spire, Blackest Rainbow, Space Slave… to name a few). Black Eagle Child’s album titled “Lobelia” and came out on Preservation in 2011 and was met with critical acclaim from Pitchfork among other press outlets.

    The aptly named ‘Playing’ by Black Eagle Child takes a more playful approach to composition with less focus on the melancholy, while still maintaining some of the nostalgia that comes very naturally and sincerely from Jantz. ‘Playing’ is the perfect soundtrack for spring and summer with it’s circling guitar lines interplaying perfectly over various serene field recordings. A most blissful listening experience

  • black eagle child – two days – self released

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    I had just purchased a new pickup for my acoustic guitar and had played through several enjoyable sessions in which some music was recorded, and some was lost. The playing of these songs helped to dial down the eustress levels in our apartment a bit, since our daughter Mary had just been born a few rapid days earlier. Two songs were salvaged for this cassette, each recorded on a different day. The tracks are single take—acoustic guitar plugged into digital delay and amplified with a solid-state Kenwood amplifier.

  • black eagle child – two moods – space slave

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    A hazy memory of warm forages and moonlit boogie downs
    Type II 30 minute cassette
    Space Slave 11
    Ed 75

  • black eagle child – pages on a plane – under the spire recordings

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    Mere months after his Black Eagle Child full-length, Lobelia, appeared on Preservation, Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based Michael Jantz returns with Pages On A Plane, an equally satisfying twelve-inch vinyl outing for Under The Spire. It’s modestly ambitious in scope, with thirty-six minutes of music split across the disc’s sides and available in an edition of 250 copies on marbled vinyl. Outdoor field recordings bolster the music’s natural feel, with Jantz creating luscious tapestries of picked guitar.

  • black eagle child – born underwater / the arquebus – avant archive

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    From the artist: “Composition has always been a difficult process. When I decided to stick close to my comfort zone and start building music from foundations of guitar, writing music became a little easier. Before Black Eagle Child reached this point, my composition process did not exist. Mostly the result was failure, but from this lack of discipline also came a couple pieces I really felt proud of. Here they are finally in an official production.