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  • body morph- live with the hamtramck philharmonic symphony- itdn group

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    “I know that willingly and often the Fiend haunts arid land, and that the Spirit of murder and of lechery flares up marvelously in deserted places. But it is not impossible that this solitude is dangerous only to the idle wandering soul, which peoples it with its passions and chimeras.”

    Side A – University of Chicago – can’t drink, can’t smoke; 200 people; set was so good that the PA melted – no joke – room filled with fumes like a garage death. No one moved. Side B – Spanish Money Room – too hot to drink, too hot to smoke; only people present are the bands playing; sat on the ground couldn’t get up from the sax melting my eyelids; cops roll by, booty-bass out the window; HOT Detroit night. Couldn’t get up.