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  • brahms – shimmer//suffocate – bridgetown records

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    Secluded behind walls, windows, bars and blinds, Jovan Moran has finally emerged from solitude with a powerful follow-up to 2011’s mysterious “Pressure” cassingle. Serving as a coping mechanism for serving time, shimmer//suffocate is a miniature concerto composed by and for inner anxiety. Minimalism is embraced, as rumbling organ drones uncomfortably slither underneath twinkling piano keys when hands aren’t shaking too much to play them. Moran’s genius lies in the simplicity of his compositions, carefully arranging these ten pieces so there is always space to breathe and maintain sanity, a rare luxury often taken for granted by the rest of us in our daily lives.

  • brahms – pressure – bridgetown

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    Insomniac visual artist and scum zine extraordinaire Jovan Moran bathes somber piano melodies in a rare shower of Southern California rain. A jumble of worn out tape in a waterlogged desktop cassette recorder reveal an innocent purity of post-adolescent negativity. Moran’s first and possibly last publicly released recording documents the treasuring of fleeting moments of comfort that become rarer and make less sense with each passing day. Songs for reflection on the moment you realize that everything has become worse than when you first left it.
    Limited to 60 ferric cassettes.