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  • brendan murray- scared in my heart – twonicorn

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    One of my favorite composers right now– I was floored by Brendan’s earlier “Ocean of Dirt, Mountain of Steam” CD on Gameboy. After hearing it I knew that I had to put out some of his work. “Scared in My Heart” is an intense, structured piece spanning both sides. A slow motion journey reaching both harmonious and threatening peaks, meticulously edited with attention to detail

  • brendan murray -students of decay

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    Never content to rest on his laurels, we have here a new
    stellar release from Boston based composer/sound artist
    Brendan Murray, the followup to the acclaimed 23five
    release “Commonwealth.” Murray’s compositions tend
    to hinge upon drones and this eponymous record is no
    exception. That being said, this is a work which differs
    considerably from “Commonwealth” or “Wonders Never
    Cease”(Murray’s Intransitive release from 2007).

    In Brendan’s own words: “This record was recorded after
    a 6 month break from making solo music. Commonwealth
    was a pretty big undertaking over a few years, and I
    wanted to see if I could take some of the long range
    deliberation out of my process and trust decisions
    that I normally rethink over and over. I also worked
    under a deadline for the first time. The six tracks
    represent the first real overhaul of my approach since
    I started. I found myself breaking a lot of self-imposed
    rules and working very quickly. I decided to incorporate
    recognizable instrumentation, mainly piano and guitar.
    I made some shorter pieces and use lots of different
    recording techniques to give each track it’s own character
    while making it sound like a record. It definitely sounds like
    my music, but it’s a more delicate in some places than
    anything I’ve ever released. I regard the ideas as refined
    and realized, but each track inhabits its own space, almost
    like chapters in a book.

    It’s self-titled or untitled, depending on how you care to think
    of it. The images in the artwork could also work as symbolic
    titles. I have left that very open, because the titles of the
    pieces are purposely evocative. They are also rather personal
    and refer to specific moments in my life, whether real or
    imagined. I plan on making a couple of more records like
    this, as well as continuing to make large, complex pieces.
    I don’t regard this as a detour. Some people have told me that
    this music sounds dark, others have told me it sounds really
    paranoid. I think it’s a weirdly optimistic record.”

  • brendan murray – inveterate

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    Brendan Murray’s consistent output for the past decade has revealed an underlying concern for the working of sonic material. Inveterate, containing a single,extended 90 minute recording follows this line of thought; looking inside of a sustained moment developing in such a way that difference and similarity can no longer be distinguished. Establishing itself as itself by attempting to present the sound from all possible angles and orientations. Nonlinear developments; viewed from the outside as a long blur. Recorded September 2009 at Weirdo Records. In an edition of 150 copies with professionally duplicated/imprinted cassettes and cardstock covers.