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  • brett naucke – c31- field studies

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    In an instant Presence wells around you. Naucke (Face Worker, Catholic Tapes) moves deftly through this suite of ambient works, filling the stereo field with dense timbral structures, transcending placid drift through a series of oblique compositional transforms. Resounding polyphony gathers and crests, interrupted by radiophonic counterpoint, reforming, and finally resolving into an alive, dynamic stillness.
    Edition of 100, pro-dubbed on chrome

  • brett naucke – pitch documents – centre tapes

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    Brett Naucke is an electronic musician living in Chicago, Illinois. His past works, such as “The Visitor” on NIHILIST and “Seed” on Spectrum Spools introduced many listeners to his unique scope. He brings humanistic qualities and a keen sense of minimalism to a synthesizer system with infinite sounds. These tracks are documents of a constantly tinkering musician at his home studio; exploring music to share it with listeners, but more importantly to move forward in a deeply personal journey. Dig in to his beautifully arching modular synthesizers compositions and join him. These works stretch with elasticity and are somehow also tightly wound. The pieces are fluid and glued with rhythms and pulses that propel and take rests beautifully and naturally. His work here presents itself like a sea of galaxies loosely simplified and then neatly folded onto the head of a pin.

  • brett naucke – seed – spectrum spools

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    Written & recorded using ritual variations of of a singular patch for Modular Synthesiser in Chicago, IL & field recordings made in Miami, FL November 2012-July 2013.

    Mastered at D+M, Berlin by CGB, January 2014.

    Artwork by Nina Hartmann
    Layout by Brett Naucke

    If previous releases for Nihilist, Arbor and his own Catholic Tapes established Chicago’s Brett Naucke as one of the more accomplished practitioners in the American synth underground, “Seed”, his debut LP for Spectrum Spools, is a veritable career apex, brimming with sonic ingenuity, detail, and mastery over both instrument and musical form.
    It is hard to fathom due to the sheer diversity of sound and affectations of the eight individual pieces on the album, but “Seed” was recorded – almost impossibly – with the same synth patch, slightly modified for the unveiling of each track. This testifies to the intensity of Naucke’s macroscopic conceptual vision for “Seed”. Each track’s complex arc points towards a mind rooted in academic electronic processes, keenly trying to surprise and disarm by prying open new textures, rhythms and structures. But Naucke has struck a perfect balance that unites this avant-garde intuition with a compositional sophistication – bringing each unique molecule of sound into cohesive songs and further still into a supremely listenable and closed album that operates entirely on its own logic.
    Recorded at home, as well as an isolated environment in Miami, Florida, and then mixed tediously over a six month period, “Seed” is a record displaying Naucke’s instrumental proficiency as much as it points to his painstaking studio dedication. The results are nothing short of startling. Naucke achieves a perfect synchronicity between the intrigue of each shimmering, crystalline sound that seems to exist infinitely within its own micro-habitat, and the larger organic whole to which it contributes. Combining delicate ambient synthscapes, snarled electronic pulses and subtle and beautiful melodic phrasings “Seed” hovers in an emotional sphere very much of its own. Each piece stitches together resplendent widescreen atmosphere with an intricate coldness and mournful elegance. Over the course of this album, Naucke has come as close as any to making the machines he has used sprout from the same soil as the organic landscapes he so perfectly renders on this album.

  • dino & nic – plays the theme from dino & nic

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    Brett Naucke of Face Worker/Catholic Tapes and Chris Bush of Caboladies/Flower Man