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  • Celer – lightness and irresponsibility – constellation tatsu

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    Currently living in Japan, Will Long takes hold of each on-coming second and handles them individually with the care of a maker, a craftsman.. a mortal creator. Don’t plan on it.

  • celer – How could you believe me when I said I loved you when you know I’ve been a liar all my life – two acorns

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    CS special edition with clear and gray-lined imprinted cassette, full color jcard board sleeve, and cream jcard shell, edition of 30. Tracks 1 and 4 are alternate versions exclusive to this cassette edition.

  • celer – truth abandons – prairie fire

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    “In June of 2012, I spent several weeks packing to move to a new apartment. Everything was in boxes, and I realized that the majority of my possessions were CDs and vinyl, mostly copies of my own releases. That month, I took many of my own copies of CDs and records to Disk Union, selling them for less than half of wholesale prices, just because I couldn’t get rid of them otherwise, and to lighten the load of moving. I got rid of a few keyboards, including a Korg that I found on the street in Ochiai, I ended up leaving for the electronics garbage man. When something in your life is changing, for a while everything seems like a blur, and like you’re always moving to a new hotel room. You’re going to the same place, but it isn’t home yet. There was a pile of boxes in the corner of the room, an open balcony window, and a laptop on the floor. I watched the movie Overboard several times, just because the DVD was still in my computer, and hadn’t been packed up with everything else. Unpacking slowly, things began to come out, and piece themselves together into functionality again. In boxes of randomness I found some tapes of unused recordings, made sometime in my older apartment, for a show at Forestlimit in Hatagaya a few weeks before, when I used an open cassette player for live modulation. All those recordings came together, and once cut to length, fit as individual pieces of a wider whole. It took several weeks, but the pieces with no place eventually find somewhere, and fit, whether it was the intention or not. Then, most importantly, they have a home.”

  • celer & hakobune – vain shapes and intricate parapets – chemical tapes

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  • celer & hakobune – vain shapes and intricate parapets – chemical tapes

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    HOT-2 (2,5-dimethoxy-4-ethylthio-n-hydroxyphenethylamine)

    Two prolific artists of the ambient world, Will Long (Celer) and Takahiro Yorifuji (Hakobune) join forces on this 40 minute, two track work entitled Vain Shapes and Intricate Parapets. A moment frozen in time. Music for deep thought, reflection and longing.
    released 08 February 2013
    All music by Will Long and Takahiro Yorifuji.

  • celer – vestiges of an inherent melancholy – blackest rainbow

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    “Second vinyl LP from this formerly active American duo of Will Long and Danielle Baquet-Long, which also happens to be the second LP from Celer on Blackest Rainbow. Vestiges Of An Inherent Melancholy follows on from the recent pairing of releases on Basses Frequencies and features 2 sides of unearthed recordings that were created between December 2006 and July 2008. These two sides find the duo creating some truly beautiful drone works with their use of an organic and electronic palette of instrumentation; cello, violin, pipe organ, electronics, tape, field recordings, samples, and mixing board. This really is a standout side from Celer, pulling together their variety of sounds to make a heart breaking collage of sounds falling between beautiful dream tones and heavier dark moments. Vestiges Of An Inherent Melancholy again pushes Celer further to the front of modern minimal composition, proving that they were one of the most interesting, consistently outstanding, and intriguing acts around in recent years, creating some of the finest and most beautiful, fragile drone records around. The full experience of a Celer release is complete with accompanying titled fragmented sections for the side long pieces, and striking cover photography by Danielle. Limited to 500 copies in thick old style tip-on hardback jackets with LPs pressed on 140 gram virgin vinyl.”

  • celer – brittle – low point

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    Celer is the artistic endeavour of the husband and wife duo Will Long and Danielle Baquet-Long. Danielle was a teacher of special education and music therapy, a published writer of poetry and prose, a painter, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. She had an extensive background in Gender Studies, Education, Basque History, Photography and Tibetan Studies, as well as having lived in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the United States. She passed away on July 8, 2009 of heart failure at the age of 26. Since forming in 2006, Celer’s intent was to produce works that reflect the sincere nature and importance of love, the fragility of life, and the importance of togetherness, through a relative and absolute symposium of expression.

    This is particularly apparent on ‘Brittle’, an album produced with the aim of demonstrating a feeling of continuation through what sometimes seems like a delicate existence, a philosophy which takes on a deeper resonance in light of these recent, tragic events.

    Musically, all of the sounds contained on ‘Brittle’ were created by piano, violin, cello, tingsha bells, harpsichord, and whistle. There are also field recordings from the inside of a room, with the windows open, but containing largely only room noise. The resulting recordings were then structured into 19 different tracks, which were then restructured into one single forming track of 74 minutes. All of the different pieces were merged together, to blur interruption and to allow the possibility of unfocused repetition.

    The album is arranged to move in a specific way, not simply section by section, but by subtle movements that swell and sway calmly. Instead of creating an environment to sink into, Celer hope that the piece will instead act as a blanket, moving with the listener through gentle sways, shifting tones and small spaces of silence that are as unpredictable as thought.