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  • christopher riggs – 5:00, 3:00 – rotifer

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    Part of a series of eight c30s where each fifteen minute side is evenly divided in a different way. Side A contains 3 five minute pieces while side B contains 5 three minute pieces. A single tape limits every piece to the same set of 3-4 sounds. 8 tapes = 8 sets of sounds. Piping creaks sway back and forth, tearing through distinct conversation. Other parts out now on Midori and Rigg’s label, Holy Cheever Church.

  • christopher riggs – 0:25, 0:50 – catholic tapes

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    Extremely fascinating and ultra-minimal work from Michigan guitarist; Christopher Riggs. While equally noted for his work in projects like Graveyards and Traum, and work on his own imprint Holy Church Fever, Chris’s solo output has been nothing shy of prolific in the past few years with his unique brand of prepared and mangled guitar work that is truly his own. 0:25, 0:50 is a new exploration in minimal sounds and part of a new and ongoing series for Chris that is sure to turn heads. While working with a very minimal array of sounds, Chris constructs sparse and crooning soundscapes playing off repetitive and cylindrical movements. VERY unusual. Full color inserts, professionally printed on heavy cardstock, in an edition of 100 copies