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  • clearing – differences – lilerne tapes

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    A year ago, Lillerne had the pleasure of releasing Be There, an 80 minute epic from Joseph Volmer’s Clearing project. It was a patient and nuanced ode to what Volmer’s been able to do with space, mood, and melody—taking these things and stretching and molding them without the need of force or superfluous accents. A year later, Differences represents an even more refined and intricate ability to create ambient music that’s as poignant and impressive as any I’ve heard before. Each song on this cassette has the depth and density to effortlessly draw a listener close, and the overall pace and chill-inducing buildup and release of this cassette is a must hear. Beautiful songs from one of my favorite musical projects. A big cassette for the year’s end that’s uplifting and melancholy in equal measure. Edition of 75 homedubbed Type II/Chrome cassettes. Artwork by Jan van der Kleijn.

  • clearing – distance – no kings

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    Double dose of Murfreesboro vibes for you all this morning. Presenting Clearing’s third edition for No Kings. Snow-covered structures, time-stretched pheromonic clouds. Lovely, drifting trails, maybe slightly less bleak than his last offering (although the bleak/majestic line is fine with the best melodic ambient music). Edition of 100 pro-dubbed, imprinted cobalt tapes with risograph artwork by Lee, designed after old textbook covers

  • clearing – scratch – i had an accident

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    Scratch is the latest release by Tennessee’s Clearing. The minimalistic structure and composition continues with lush tones and ambience. The album is calming, it ebbs and flows deep within your inner core. It creates sensations, quite similar to the feeling of goosebumps rising on your arms and legs. Each track is its own sensation, a timeless moment caught on tape and produces the effect of a dream-like state. I imagine myself washing my face in the summer sun, allowing the rays of light splash my skin with the water as all my troubles melt away. Limited to 50 c42 cassettes

  • virgin spirit – the skull tastes like metal – no kings

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    No Kings home team members and two of my favorite humans, William Cody Watson (Pink Priest, Malibu Wands, Gremlynz) and Joe Volmer (Clearing, Police Academy 6) combine their signature bleak atonal drifts and breathtaking melodic suites in their first effort as Virgin Spirit. Slowly warped tape recordings float in reverb, soundtracking your existential crisis. “These will conjure spirits into your bedroom.” -WCW. Edition of 60 pro-dubbed tapes with letterpress / risograph artwork by Lee Noble and Amy Fortunato on cream or salmon cardstock.

  • clearing – no titles – no kings

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    The second album on No Kings of sumptuous electronic suites from Murfreesboro’s Joseph Volmer (Party Trash, Virgin Spirit, Skylines, Police Academy 6) is wrought with slow intensity. These 7 stunning tracks channel classic moments from Baraka-soundtrack-era Dead Can Dance and Philip Glass, with space-high extremes that then plunge into the bleakest depths. At times plaintive, at others frightening, the icy chord progressions shatter and reform with each passing moment. Edition of 100 pro-dubbed tapes with color labels. Risographed and photocopied art based on accompanying video work by Geoffrey Sexton, with insert by Amy Fortunato.

  • clearing – stride – i had an accident

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    Stride is the latest by minimalistic texture artist Clearing. Producing more cool sounds that feel like standing in a chilled beach breeze on a spring morning. Refreshing ice clinking in a glass of spring’s elixir as the flowers bloom and the smells trickle into your nostrils and then you realize this is what dreams are made from. The languid motion of rubbing your eyes too long. There is an unspoken poetry in Stride.