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  • cliffsides- spirit in the mountain temple – hooker vision

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    While dystopian synthesizers buzz through Spirit of the Mountain Temple, lost voices litter the barren landscape like lingering traces of dirty snow; the echo of the digital soul in the House of God.

  • cliffsides / cenote glow – split – tranquility tapes

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    Consider this Afterlife’s DNA split and spread across two sides. Solo treks through self-contained realms of life that exist both beyond and beneath the earth. Ryan McGill brings his (inter)stellar Cliffsides project out of a brief hibernation with gusto. He fires on every cylinder and digs a cosmic rabbit hole utilizing sequencer and MFOS synth. Dizzying filtered sequences dissolve into one another beautifully, each one satisfying and beguiling in its own unique way. Franklin Teagle’s Cenote Glow debuts on the flip side. Inspired by travels and the natural world, these synth pieces flow between emotive washes of melody and passages of abstract strangeness. Bubbling odes to transcendent moments and memories forged away from home. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle.

  • cliffsides – liquid mirrors – hooker vision

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    Half of Brooklyn synth lords, Afterlife, Cliffsides pulls out all the stops on this massive exploration of the complex relationship between mind and motherboard.

    72 min transparent with blue liner, pro-dubbed cassette with white imprint. Full color art by Grant and Rachel Evans. Edition of 100.