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  • cloaked light / pale blue sky – split – arbor

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    Working together, but differently. Clear Of, shows Cloaked Light working within a new mode; an expanded temporal sensitivity through field recording and discrete static chords. Slow movement- revealing growth and decay at the subtlest thresholds; disappearing music with a heavy presence, a shifting sense of space, not in the room, but of the room. Pale Blue Sky’s Someday, Sometime approaches a similar expansion of perception and unobscuring blur. Through tape manipulation, the inner workings of tonal relationships are placed under focus; extending time to reveal new moments; widening the view. Distorting to understand; a reorienting pause. Originally conceived to coincide with the Cloaked Light / Pale Blue Sky California tour with Pedestrian Deposit, Infinite Body, Earn, and Mirror to Mirror in January 2010; a testament to a common point and it’s different trajectories. Approaching the possibility. Mastered by Pete Swanson; cut at 45 rpm. In an edition of 400 copies with glossy jackets and inner sleeves.

  • cloaked light – monorail trespassing

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    really i’d recommend any release by peter, the man behind young tapes, color dream, brett favre, joe montanta etc. All solid releases, really sad that he hasnt put anything out recently but real glad to find a few copies of this older monorail trespassing release.

  • cloaked light – plain curtain – arbor

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    These early four-track experiments from Peter Friel’s Cloaked Light project offers a look into focus. With the slowest subtlety changes grow, only perceptible through reflection. A new form of seeking to understand; a non-linear music, offering a space of contemplation to look forward and behind. On A Long Green Hall Friel shifts meaning and reorients the place of speech in a Lucierian experiment with self-help tapes. On But I’m Trying, subtle tonal expansions mirror the manipulation of speech on the previous track, though without the recognizable markers of language the result is more obscured. Each track offers insight to the others processes. Recorded in Summer 2009, these tracks are some of the earliest from the project, a precursory inquiry to the tapes on Ekhein and Monorail. Upcoming split 12” EP with Pale Blue Sky further explores the nature of tonal interactions and non-linear potentials of sound. In an edition of 125 copies with full color cardstock covers and labeled tapes.