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  • colored mushroom & the medicine rocks – the gold manor eclipse – centre tapes

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    Colored Mushroom & The Medicine Rocks are an electronic music group which is currently producing music and living in Cleveland, Ohio. These works were created in Cleveland and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Listen closely and perhaps you can hear the two different atmospheres’ reflections in the sound. “The Gold Manor Eclipse” is a concise release made up of treasure-like progressions and clouds of breathtaking mellotron. Colored Mushroom present a unique take on synthesizer prog that glows with glossy hi-hat snaps and deep drum patterns. The locked in drum machines are balanced by synthesizers and electronics that never agree to go straight down the middle. Similar to (the ensemble’s maestro) John Elliott’s work as Outer Space and Imaginary Softwoods, the songs move forward but remain hardly predictable. The songs are packed with charging movements and space to breathe. Breathe to them, move to them, and let them move you.

  • colored mushroom and the medicine rocks – s/t – wagon

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    colored mushroom and medicine rocks album is a collection of tracks released on cassette only early 2010. these mysterious synthesizer/drum machine/vocal ensemble pieces chosen are from “the sundial metaphysical center”, “”sea channels”, “at red frosting” and “arcades of morning” cassettes for vinyl release. mutated vocoder vocals mixed into toxic short “pop” numbers paint a a somewhat unsettling picture out of traditional pop conceptions and melt away and notions of what “form” in music can be considered. fast paced, pounding sequencer/drum machine blasts to melancholy glowing string sounds and everything in between, recorded live to two channel stereo and mastered to vinyl for definitive release, these are some of the best pieces in the collection making up new sides with new styles emerged once again from cleveland, ohio. recorded december 2010, in an isolated attic. limited to 420 copies on various blue, brown, purple and grey marble swirled colored vinyl (all shipped randomly) and includes an 11×11 double sided insert packed in high UV gloss coated jackets.

  • colored mushroom / the medicine rocks – sunshine units

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    Edition of 80 copies.
    Pro-duped, sealed blue-shelled tape.

  • colored mushroom and the medicine rocks – at red frosting

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    after being delayed multiple times along with mr mcguire’s “between family”, this release finally sees the light. songs about confusing confusion being confusing. the ensemble moves forward with a malachite grid for the room to change all the bad stuff happening in the basement. nobody is being honest and so maybe the obsidian should be handled with much more care (i.e. put it away) than previously anticipated. no, not new age bullshit – im talking about the little pieces of information which we are handed to use as tools. thats not the point anyhow and besides that, the red frosting is a mystery and its a bad thing anyway, nobody wants to dwell on the bad stuff.
    150 chrome red tapes w/double sided collage art.