comet bodies

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  • comet bodies – live- cylindrical habitat modules

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    Two live tracks from the recent Comet Bodies+McGuire “tour” (one show in Kent, Ohio and one in Columbus). Hi-fi audience recordings of the “Comet Buddies” in full swing. Deep space avant sci-fi electronics taking heavy influence from dudes like Nik Raicevic, Morton Subotnick etc… This tape finds us exploring some really dark corners and pissing off some Kent bros. Limited edition of 50.

  • comet bodies – human vapors

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    julian of cylindrical habitat and buddy adam miller who does isle of sodor cook up some darrrrk zones, somewhat of an industrial release from these two , while most kids there age are chugging beer thru a funnelor forming a neon crystal feather boa drocal band or a combo of both , these kids are harvesting raw sounds with all the right intentions, true stuff.