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  • corum – magic mirror – psychic sounds

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    “Corum constructs a mind-melting psychopharmacological vision wherein rhythms and melodies ooze into and out of focus. He brings a psychedelic atmosphere, one not culled from a traditional sense, but of a deeply innate ability to transform a space sonically creating a more spiritual, or visceral affair.” “This year sees the release of Magic Mirror, a new solo collection that finishes out a loosely themed trilogy of solo records. The new LP is world music in the broadest sense of that term, incorporating drum rhythms from Africa, instrumentation from the Middle East, and very Western electronic elements. A welcome celebratory and hypnotic vibe, which will perfectly match the incantatory spirit of his work.” – ROBERT HAM, Portland Mercury

    Final album of the Beguiling Isles Trilogy (Beguiling Isles / Effigy Mounds / Magic Mirror).

  • corum – beguiling isles: born of earth’s torments

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    Exotique Film Score played and recorded by Corum featuring 3 Moons Jefferson Zurna and White Gourd
    Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk 2012
    12″ Limited Edition of 200

  • corum – effigy mounds – psychic sounds

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    “Corum, of ‘dyngia jazz’ group Million Brazilians, now releases Effigy Mounds, or Ceremonial Music for Spore Alter as he’s subtitled it, a self described “Post-Summer Solstice flesh offering response to the witnessed symbiotic relationship of the cyclical worship songs of day and night coinsiding with revelations by entheogenic rituals with an aim to penetrate into the inner subterranean recesses to perforate behind the veil of matter into the world of primal causes” Following the exotic and electronic jazz form as the pulsating primordial spirits of his first album titled Beguiling Isles, Effigy Mounds plays back like a hallucinatory cave field recording where snippets of tape were collaged to reveal the waves of a deep portal opening, sounds of bubbling ingestion of strange and luminous compounds, and the rhythmic pulse of spores landing in Earth’s atmosphere by way of shooting stars. Less exotica and more experimental, Corum’s latest document plays like an alternate soundtrack to the film Altered States in some forbidden South Pacific isle lodge during the magical dialogue of extra terrestrial speech.

  • corum – beguling isles westward star – lost discoveries exotic music shop

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    “Star of wonder, star of night, star of royal beauty bright; Westward leading, still proceeding: Guide me through my darkest night. Guide me to the perfect light.”

    Corum: solo piano/ fountain music

    Released in 2012 as tour only cassette in addition of 50 for Beguiling Isles Sundance Tour w/ 3 Moons Jefferson ZurnaBR>

  • experimental india radio – swara discoveries – lost discoveries exotic music shop

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    External Service began with a broadcast counter private station performances fit for use by a Broadcaster launched as a link between Inner Frequencies to the rest of the world, later adopting Experimental India Radio as on-air name for independence. EIR is a service accessible through networks by using Akashvani – “celestial announcement” or “sky sound”). It operates on a different shortwave band frequency through live presentations for each city, especially in countries with broadcasts on matters of national and international importance, and demonstrates the experimental way of life through its use of transmitted Indian instrument invention, trance devotions, and comedy programs. EIR audio cassettes (which are sought-after by international radio hobbyists) are issued personally by EIR for reception reports of their broadcasts.

    Tuned into Gate of Lucknow (CR), 747 + 1278,
    Bazaar of India

    Very limited 50 cassette release on self-made Lost Discoveries label for Corum + Idaho Joe Windslow / Sewn Leather / MOM – USA southwest coast tour.