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  • cough cool – epic dreams – mirror universe tapes

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    This EP kind of reminds me of an industrial Jesus and Mary Chain, or something. I don’t know! Check it out for yourself! Black cassettes.

  • cough cool – clausen – not not fun

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    Back in “the day,” it used to be quite a bit more common for rock/pop-ish ambitions and weirdo experimentalism to sit side-by-side. In our current internet radio suggestion-aggregator modern world it’s a lot simpler to hyper-divide everybody into convenient micro-genres, but fortunately there’s still some ornery sticks in those spokes. Which, in a very free association way, is part of what hits home so nicely about Cough Cool (aka the solo mappings of one Dan Svizeny): aggressive eclecticism. Sleepy daydream sunlight guitar-pop nuggets (“Stolen”) dissolve into shoegazed bedroom drum-loop sound-art sculptures (“Parting Friends”). Ragged three-chord apathy-rock sketches (“Whatever”) riff out then get tossed off for backwards-playing acoustic-string reel-to-reel tape experiments (“Special K”). Clausen unspools in the same softly schizophrenic way of the best early Sebadoh sides, scripted melody and noise research tag-teaming like wild mood swings. Pro-dubbed tapes in cases with full-color suburban Halloween J-cards schemed by Brooklyn designer du jour Bobby Houlihan

  • scissoring – we hate everything – no kings

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    Two crazy dudes, Dan “Cough Cool” Sviseny and William Cody “Pink Priest” Watson, have given up their corporeal bodies and made some kind of Voltron Mutant union that is Scissoring. Each half-mutant man taking a side of this tape, they have gathered the sound dust of civilizations and run them through the shredder a thousand times to make a paste, and they are smearing it all over our faces and stomachs. Cough Cool’s side is four tracks entitled 1. I, 2. AM, 3. WILLIAM, 4. BASINSKI. Cody’s is called Who Gives a Fuck. Truly they hate everything. This is Scissoring’s first effort, they have since gone on to complete two more albums, NUCLEAR WET EARTH, and NO DREAM / NO REGRETS. Pro-dubbed imprinted tapes with photocopied artwork designed by WCW, as well as a letterpressed mini-print of his drawing of what seems to be a gremlin flipping you off. Edition of 60.

  • cough cool – basement – bathetic records

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    Basement comes creeping from behind a cracked door, right as Lately – the debut full-length vinyl from Cough Cool – breathes its first breath of life.

    Recorded directly after the Lately-sessions, Basement is a raw, instrumental stab in the gut.

    The vibe within: six minimal tracks cruising you to the strip; head heavy in the clouds, fuzzed and blissed.