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  • danny clay & karl fousek – klang – phinery tapes

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    This release can be summed up in just one word:


    organ (n.)
    fusion of late Old English organe, and Old French orgene (12c.), both meaning “musical instrument,” both from Latin organa, plural of organum “a musical instrument,” from Greek organon “implement, tool for making or doing; musical instrument; organ of sense, organ of the body,” literally “that with which one works,” from PIE *werg-ano-, from root *werg- “to do” (cognates: Greek ergon “work,” orgia “religious performances;” Armenian gorc “work;” Avestan vareza “work, activity;” Gothic waurkjan, Old English wyrcan “to work,” Old English weorc “deed, action, something done;” Old Norse yrka “work, take effect”).

    Applied vaguely in late Old English to musical instruments; sense narrowed by late 14c. to the musical instrument now known by that name (involving pipes supplied with wind by a bellows and worked by means of keys), though Augustine (c.400) knew this as a specific sense of Latin organa. The meaning “body part adapted to a certain function” is attested from late 14c., from a Medieval Latin sense of Latin organum. Organist is first recorded 1590s; organ-grinder is attested from 1806.

    synthesis (n.)
    1610s, “deductive reasoning,” from Latin synthesis “collection, set, suit of clothes, composition (of a medication),” from Greek synthesis “composition, a putting together,” from syntithenai “put together, combine,” from syn- “together” (see syn-) + tithenai “put, place” (see theme). From 1733 as “a combination of parts into a whole.” Earlier borrowed in Middle English as sintecis (mid-15c.). Plural syntheses.

    released 18 May 2015

    Danny Clay: Pipe Organ
    Karl Fousek: Analog modular Synthesizer, tape delay

    Recorded August – October 2014
    in San Francisco and Montreal

    Arranged and mixed by Danny Clay
    Mastered by Karl Fousek

    Artwork by Eric Sanchez

  • danny clay – grid studies – cascading fragments

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    hand dubbed cassette with printed box