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  • david russell – wagon

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    now here is a true stoker. david has been jamming the cleveland underground before most, and this may be his first fully realized and widely documented release under his own name. this tape is pure dada surrealist ??????? “what in the hell is that fucking noise” ????? some more bonkers head anarchy of the highest order. if you had a shelf with everything in the world on it and you pushed one end up and left it to hit your floor, this would be the sound. kling klanging-metal junk-spring popping -uncontained screaming/tortured-soul/spiritual havoc that will leave you flipping this tape over and over. i challenge you to try and count the number of different sounds that happen in the first movement of this cassette alone. short loops covered in total confusion somehow contained and organized in only the way that davids mind could understand. when it came down to brass tacks and i found myself saying “no, really david, how did you record this?” i arrived time and time again at the simple explanation of “i worked very hard on this.” i also came to find that i was completely wrong in my assumption that there was 132,978 different overdubs when i was in fact corrected and told there were nearly none (just a few percussive overdubs in the first movement.) what in the hell is delina thinking with this shit going on the basement when shes upstairs cooking dinner??one of the best releases ever to come out on wagon and a great honor. sold out from hanson almost immediately. full color art on clear tapes with hand watercolored/markered retro syle labels. ltd to 100 copies on the nose.

  • david russell – artistic suicide – pizza night

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    On point recordings from David Russell showcase his fine tuned approach to merging unpredictably frantic sounds and focused controlled sound experiments. Very hypnotic tracks juxtaposed against screeching noise blasts. A wide array of all the things David does so well. The dynamics of his more percussive pieces extends his repertoire widely on this one.

  • dr quinn v. rodriguez & russell – split – a soundesign

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    Versus Series II cassette five: Space cadet Ryan Kuehn (Dead Peasant Insurance) throws some synth in the deep fryer with a second course of mechanical filth from Jason Rodriguez & David Russell (Collapsed Arc).