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  • (d)(b)(h) – the world is a wedding as wet as breath on glass – tr w/d

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    On The World is a Wedding as Wet as Breath on Glass, heavy
    gestures are scattered across the bottle strewn basement floor, and poetic
    mutterings fill the ears with intelligent soft speak. Add this to the list of DBH’s expansive sonic outpourings
    and you got a nice collection of some of America’s finest junk jazz recordings

  • dbh – time flies – crowfoot records

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    dbh is Dan Bridgwood-Hill, who for some time has had a hand in an inordinate amount of the great music emerging from Manchester’s DIY scene. His guitar playing drives the exhilarating prog racket of NASDAQ, FTSE 100 and Burnst, and his contributions on all manner of instruments have illuminated the music of Irma Vep, Emphemetry and T G Elias, to name but a few.

    As dbh, he plays lovingly crafted instrumentals, enunciating his passion for popular music with a languid, progressive guitar style and playful experimentation. The approach will appeal particularly to fans of American Primitive (Fahey/Basho/Lang et al) and modern-era, post-Takoma solo guitarists (Steffen Basho-Junghans/William Tyler/James Blackshaw), but the melodies are there for all to enjoy.