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  • deep magic / mohave triangles – split – diatom bath

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    Final release for Mohave Triangles & probably the last release of Deep Magic as well. This one was in the works for quite some time; so long that it has become a portal into the past, even better though a chance to once again come full circle.
    Diatom Bath has been slowly churning the waters for some time and with this release brings the end of these projects up to the surface & really pulls into question the idea of progression. Most importantly pushing forth the feeling to linger a little longer. To bath in this now. Sit in the meadow and watch this sun set today on these grasses and these flowers & these companions.

  • deep magic – elemental interactions – housecraft recordings

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    A delicate nuance of organic phrasing; Alex Gray has been churning out a mysteriously attractive and impressive ambient catalogue for the past few years. 2012 has been relatively silent for the project, until now. Housecraft is proud to present Deep Magic’s first vinyl edition. All new, all now. Full color jackets, stamped white labels. Mastered by Sean McCann.

    edition of 100
    black vinyl

  • deep magic – reflections of most forgotten love – preservation

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    The Preservation label presents Reflections of Most Forgotten Love, the third album from Los Angeles’ Deep Magic. The solo project for current Sun Araw live band member Alex Gray, Deep Magic’s work has tended towards a meditative ambient realm, crafting a cosmic sound described by Uncut as having “a sort of calm and organic grandeur that recalls Popol Vuh.” Indeed like Popol Vuh, pursuit of a kind of spiritual grace has proven to be the measure at the heart of Deep Magic. Reflections of Most Forgotten Love finds a new urgency, an ever-shifting puzzle of sound that breathes vital new life into Gray’s lyrical vision. Dynamic and unrelenting, yet somehow beautifully spacious and patient in its unfolding, this epic work thrives on equal parts pulse and poise, an essence held within a thrilling multiplicity of ideas. Skittish techno, rolling pianos, warm pedal steel, foggy dub drifts and microscopic sonics play out a hypnotic movement of moods with magnetic compulsion. Throughout its stirring, blissful way, intimacy is its keynote. As the title suggests, this is an album of emotively raw presence with a singular take on solitude as a many-splendored thing.

  • earthsurfers – ryderz of the wyld wave – deep tapes

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    earthsurfers is teddy skupien and alex gray.
    recorded in ted’s garage in oxnard, ca in 2009. nardcore/weed/beer influenced skate trash/thrash punk tape with sludgy riffage. perfect for shredding a pool in the summer time.
    an ode back to the days of 805 punk/hardcore heaviness, mixed with blistering doom vibes, shows/tapes are sure to be short, deadly spurts of pure brutality.
    limited to 100 pro-dubbed/imprinted tapes in b&w paper sleeves designed by teddy & al.
    -deep tapes

  • deep magic – soul vibration – dnt

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    This hour-long ambient voyage will take you through time and space, float you past the constellations, and softly place you on a far distant planet where all of your troubles & worries are easily forgotten and every muscle in your body begins to slowly relax. Your only concern is for the moment the music stops, as you know it will catapult you back into reality. Edition of 100 pro-dubbed blue-shelled cassettes with cardstock covers designed by Mr. Gray.

  • deep magic – celestial comunnion – sturmundrug

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    Explorations of minimal, repetitive themes. slow and spacious sounds. improvisation with analog synth,
    bamboo saxophone & field recordings. Another great album from Alex Gray.