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  • derek rogers – prevais – signal dreams

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    Dauntingly prolific and remarkably consistent, Los Angeles, CA-based sound-sculptor Derek Rogers is known well for his mountains of ever-evolving releases packed with gorgeously disciplined meditations that are every bit as cathartic as they are textured. While his hard work in duo Circuit Rider UK (with Lee Noble) seems to have slowed down Rogers’ solo output a bit over the last year, Signal Dreams is proud to present ‘Prevais,’ his dynamic new full-length album, which finds his signature sound slipping deep into new skin. Rogers hasn’t abandoned the slow-burning comforts of favorites like 2012’s ‘Everything That Mattered, At Once’ or last year’s ‘Don’t Stop Bereaving,’ but has instead built upon them with finely cut, neck-deep MAX processing. Artwork by Nathaniel Ritter.

  • derek rogers – this house is a block – patient sounds

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    Granulated textural wash of anxious fist clench. The twinkle of a grafted tone. Simplicity is an enterence to confusion, and confusion can lead to collapse, or washed out will power. This house is a block finds Derek Rogers pushing his sound into the bricks. Fragile, aching compositions focused on shifting dynamic textures and waves of metalic digital drone.

    edt 100 / smoky c30 / full color jcard and labels

  • derek rogers – fifteen second pause(for bill shute) – full of nothing

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    Edition of 50. Additional 10 copies without outer sleeve.
    All tracks created/engineered by DR in Austin TX in June 2010. Special thanks to Bill Shute for inspiring this work.

  • derek rogers – triagionals – ruralfaune

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    geometric games to reach a mesmerizing state of mind. Can you hear the signal ?

  • derek rogers- a crack in everything – prairie fire

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    We’re really excited about this one. So excited in fact, that it’s really tough to not veer into hyperbole while writing this.

    After consuming a handful of DR releases over the last year and a bit round the PF HQ, we were pretty sure we knew what we’d be presented with – but to be honest, nothing prepared us for how awesome this tape is. Melody meets sound exploration and harmony sides up against discord, the mood effortlessly shifts from beautiful and enveloping to flat out cranky over the course of 40 minutes.

    The title track and end exit track “Ghosts of Melancholy” have a dystopian sci-fi soundtrack feel (I was leaning toward Escape From New York) while other likes “The Ones Who Love Us Least Are The Ones We’ll Die To Please” have the potential to bring on a profound emotional response from the listener.

    Last year was a pretty big for Derek – what with his name was all over Best Of.. lists and all. We’re pretty sure this tape will have 2012 pick up where 2011 left off.

  • derek rogers – bliss – d’artagan records

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    recorded as a rehearsal for this years neon marshmellow fest
    exploring different territories of bliss
    edition of 40

  • derek rogers – mt calm – cloud valley recordings

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    Mysterious brother from afar offers a sacred meditation that brings us closer to mother earth…and father sky.
    edition of 60, various covers (3) transparent overhead colour art over silver painted cardstock.”
    -Cloud Valley

  • derek rogers – everything that mattered, at once – tape drift

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    Another visit from TD alum Derek Rogers is cause for celebration. In the intervening years since “Petit Chapeau”, Rogers has made an indelible mark on the DIY/drone worlds, showing a growth and development only possible with someone who takes their craft this seriously. This tape is a perfect distillation of Derek’s gently overdriven melodic sensibilities. Ever patient, he masterfully wraps his sounds in soft blankets of fuzz that cascade over the listener until the known world disappears and all that’s left is a gorgeous landscape of sonic majesty. Essential listening.