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    Kyle Landstra
    I. Upon a Field of Suspended Orbs
    Recorded on November 30th, 2014 in one live session
    Composed for a show at Space Oddities in Chicago, IL. on November 18th utilizing an Ensoniq ESQ-1, Waldorf Blofeld, and Roland Juno 106 with effects

    I. Alive in the Living Room
    II. The Eyes Glister
    written and performed by dash lewis using modular synthesizer, voice, and pedals
    Kirikou the dog featured on “Alive in the Living Room”
    Recorded to tape in November and December 2014 at home in Chicago, IL.

    Difference Clouds
    I. Diet Gaiden
    II. Kuang Grade
    III. Void Conjecture (Memory)
    IV. Mobius Return
    V. Desert Scene
    Korg 03R/W, Yamaha DX11, samples, computer arranged

    I. Old Chants
    II. Thin Line of Shadow
    III. Vacant Vast Surrounding
    IV. Departure
    Recorded and performed by Ross Gentry – August/September 2014

    Mastered by Odd Nosdam at BurnoCo, Berkeley
    Collages by Colin Blanton
    Layout by Kevin Hein