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  • form a log – the two benji’s – dechorence records

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    Form A Log is composed of 3 members, all of whom make original music on their own and have a history in the underground noise/weirdness scene. Ren Schofield is also Container. Noah Anthony is also Profligate. Rick Weaver is also Dinner Music.

    Form A Log only plays cassettes loaded with samples on 4-track players. The music they make is like proto-hip-hop as filtered through the techniques of musique concrete. Or techno as it would be made by time travelers stuck in an era before samplers. Or dance club music in a world where Revolution No.9 was a hit single.

    There have been a number of Form A Log cassette releases, each more developed and advanced than the last. “The Two Benji’s” is the latest evolution and the first to be pressed on vinyl. “The Two Benji’s” is a concept album, but Form A Log may not tell you what the concept is. There are clues and hints within. Throw some Benjis. Welcome to Log Culture.

  • dinner music – kissing cousins – golden cloud tapes

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    This new album from Rick Weaver aka Dinner Music is hard to explain, much like other releases from him. Both sides spill out fierce melodies that slowly become suspended over skeletal rhythms a few feet above already fluttering sounds. All ideas morph and disperse where you would least expect it.
    Rick Weaver manages to layer and play a ton of instruments including organ, piano, tapes, percussion, etc. and create this complete bizarre world of outsider music. A type of world that is so hard to express through words, and with that being said i highly recommend this tape, or any other from him. Both “Kissing Cousins” and his recent tape “Tomb of Womb” on Bathetic Records are quickly becoming some of my favorite things i’ve heard in recent times.
    Limited to 100 pro-duplicated high bias chrome tapes with imprinting. Each tape comes with hand cut, hand stamped J cards, and an insert created by the artist himself.
    Expectations are out, and experiences are taking over. Add this to your collection and submit to a 31 minute trip into the lawless world of Dinner Music.

  • dinner music – mule on tape – i just live here

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    “Mule on Tape” is a soundtrack
    composed by Rick Weaver to accompany
    his movie of the same name. I haven’t
    seen the film, but judging by the
    music, it’s clearly a savage bareback
    ride through an inner psyche sculpted
    by isolation, decorated in a faux
    ‘wild west’ motif. Popping and woozy
    percussion tracks, skillful organ
    work, and altogether just plain
    strange sounds and vocals are paired
    side by side to create what comes
    off sounding like a pre-synthesizer
    sci-fi horror western, somehow still
    from modern times.

  • dinner music – christopher scripture

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    it’s the OST to a movie by Wendy J. Hyatt I helped make called “untitled film no. 1, 2010: class project, winter term”

  • innerfare – dirty doubler

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    92 minute cassette
    Inner Fare is Jeff Zagers & myself.
    The first side is an excerpt of our seemingly endless “drums on tape” composition entitled “Dirty Doubler”. Also bearing the name of Dirty Doubler is a sound installation, a Family Visions movie, an object (or two), and a festival in St. Louis.
    The second side is an introduction to our philosophy. Musical moments captured between our initial “meeting of the minds” in Mt. Airy, Maryland, May 2009 up until a Florida excursion laced with pure luck in February 2011. This side also features Alex Hampshire, Ben Kelley, Noah Anthony, & Kylie Lance.
    limited to 30 copies

  • femme tops – full shock

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    The OST to the movie SHOCK by Kipp Whittaker & Rick Weaver based on the short story SHOCK by Alex Hampshire.
    Evan Lipson: bass
    Alex Hampshire: voice, keys, sax
    Rick Weaver: tom & hi-hat, brass, keys, voice, tapes
    recorded by Nick Skrobisz