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  • good wheel tea carpentry – split – housecraft recordings

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    USED copy – tapes look great, the poly covering has some wear, but overall artwork is great

    amazing set

    4 tapes
    eight spokes from seven folks comprised of four segments each in collaborations and lone sessions – spanning two continents, spoken in three languages, and housed in one embellished box: Royallen, Cyquoia, Tricorn and Queue, Tuluum Shimmering, Do Tell, 1994, Peat Raamur, Xiphiidae.


  • do tell – the tired habits of a drunken landscape

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    believe it! 2nd ever full length tape from Gainesville Florida’s Do Tell.
    not since 2008’s “sewn to the current” double tape on housecraft have we been graced with the presence that is Do Tell.
    this tape spans 2+ years~ side A features all new material + live recordings & unreleased/lost pieces. side B features more new material + rare tracks from box sets & compilations.
    60 minutes. edition of 33

  • do tell – spring gleaning

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    music from a forlorn bygone era. sometimes familiar but mostly forgotten.. this release comes from a lost recording from the earliest days of do tell. a cassette was recently discovered at the bottom of a closet after Kyle moved into a new place, we guess it was recorded around 2006-2007. these pieces drift out further than previous do tell shiz ya heard? the bad days are over, en memoriam.
    blue cover.