dolphin tears

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  • dolphin tears – spa world – lillerne tapes

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    for this one i spent some time thinking about what spa world means to me. flashes of sweaty memory, human fitness, relaxation…communing with a steamy body of water…(a glitched out hand waves you toward a fogged tent, ones and zeroes drippin off like nothin). you don’t ask questions — day spa is an automatic response, lil pavlovian sizzle goin off in your brain. droolin for the spa. those most dedicated to the art of the liquid state dont so much consider spa world to be a manifest physical location but rather a state of mind they can enter at any moment. dude sittin on the steps of a smoked up eastern temple, eyes rolled into the back of his skull, salt water dripping from the edge of his hairline. the whole scene oozes aromatheraphy…” Edition of 50 home-dubbed chrome tapes.