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  • water lily jaguar – digging up atlantis¬†– tranquilty tapes

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    With his project Gitche-Anahmi-Bezheu and former excursions as Dream Safari, New York’s Ian Najdzionek is no stranger to traversing vividly imagined plains through sound. Where G-A-B tends toward “murky depths,” Najdzionek himself describes his new Water Lily Jaguar project as the “shimmering surface” of his creative universe. I can’t imagine a better description for the two pieces that make up Digging Up Atlantis. Using sampling keyboards and effects, Najdzionek sends us down a placid river shrouded in vegetation. Trickling keys are looped and gradually molded into soothing drones. Unidentifiable birds call out in the distance, reminding us that we’re still in the grips of the wild as we drift enamored through tropical realms. Pro-dubbed and imprinted, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle.