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  • dredd foole & ben chasny – drunk with insignificance – feeding tube records

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    This album has been a long time coming. Dredd and Ben first talked about collaborating back in the late ’90s and it’s now 2014 and the goddamn thing has only just arrived. Was the wait worth it? You bet your teeth it was. While this album would have been pretty great if they’d done it back in the day, the fact it has been allowed to age and grow of its own accord lends the project a richness and beauty beyond easy comparison. This specific album grew out of some shows Dredd and Ben have done together over the past couple of years. The communication between the two of them was deep and crisp, even from the very first note they played together. I don’t recall if there’d been any rehearsing at all, but Ben’s electric guitar was weaving around and through Dredd’s vocals and acoustic strings as though he’d been doing it since he was a pup. Having seen Mr. Foole perform in a wide variety of situations over the past 33 years, I can assure you that he has rarely been in such telepathic company. From the extreme blabbermouth lockjaw of “Pressed for Illumination” to the relatively quiet melancholia of “Four Roses for Jack,” the sounds on Drunk with Insignificance are utterly maxist. Dredd’s songs have never sounded better, and Ben pulls an exquisite raft of riffs out of his sombrero. If you have a fondness for either of these legends of the contemporary underground, you owe it to yourself to check out this collaboration. It will shiver your timbers down to their very roots. Beautiful. Edition of 300.

  • dredd foole with mv & ee – blues sermon with congregation

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    originally released on cdr in 2004 on heroine celestial agriculture as compendium discs/digital 78s to “kissing the contemporary bliss” (com 17). these were COM 17h3 & COM 17h4

    “beautiful lp issue of these long gone child of microtones releases.
    Humito is quickly becoming a benchmark for gorgeous looking & sounding vinyl and with some pretty sweet future releases lining up definitely a label to keep an eye on. And this their third release is definitely worth checking into.

    now im gonna come out right out and say the first time i saw dredd foole about a decade ago i was pretty taken aback and straight up was “this is the dude yall been raving about?” could not wrap any part of my head around it at all.
    this summer i had the wonderful pleasure to see dredd foole play again and indeed it was beyond a pleasure, straight up floating in blissful peace.
    But interestingly enough folks at the same show were totally taken aback and could not wrap their head around the set at all.
    So yeah there definitely aint no sound samples for this one cause this aint about blasting a short digital clip thru yr tinny computer speakers, this one is for serious heads who are willing to let their overimpacted heads rest and journey deep. dredd foole & mv & ee are the antidote to your digital overload short attention blues,
    all analog recorded & mastered at the maximum arousal farm 2012.”